Wednesday, 21 May 2014

3 Factors You Must Ponder in App Development

Seeing the widespread usage of smartphones, many corporate houses started making a switch from building a plain business website, to mobile compatible and responsive sites. And now they have finally jumped into the app development bandwagon. Put simply, as people are increasingly utilizing smartphones for downloading mobile apps, business organizations are choosing to develop mobile apps so as to create leverage in their online identity. Once you have decided to develop a mobile application, there are many factors that needs your consideration. Understanding these factors will help you develop an attention-seeking and monetizing app that can be purchased from a reputable firm.

Factor 1. Which App Platform to Choose?

This is the deciding factor that leads to building the most suited app for your business. In the present app market, Apple's iOS and Google's Android are the two most dominating mobile platforms that are extensively used for building apps. Choosing one of the these app platforms can leave you in a bewildered state.

In case you wish to foster your brand image to a wider audience, you should opt for Android. Given the fact, Android reigns the smartphone market with 81% share, clearly building an Android application will help you reach out to maximum number of smartphone users. Moreover, in case you are tied to a tight budget, developing an app using Android platform is the best bet for you – as developing apps in Android is relatively less than iOS. Ironically, iOS is the perfect platform when you want to generate more money.

Factor 2.  Search for a Credible App Development Company

Once you have chosen the app platform, next you need to locate a reputed Android Apps Development Company. Hiring an app development company having vast experience in Android application development, increases your chances of building an exclusive, problem-solving and value-added app. To further ensure that the company you have picked has the wherewithal to meet all your app development needs, evaluate the quality of their work portfolio. This will help you gain insight about the apps that the company has developed so far.

Factor 3. Market Your App

If you don't want to see your app getting lost in the overcrowded and messy app markets, you need to follow some marketing tactics that helps promote your application. For one, get social with your target customers. For doing so, you need to opt for social media that can help make your app viral among the online surfers.

Remember, developing a user-focused and interesting app can take your business to new heights – by propelling mobile users to use your app frequently. Thus, it's imperative that you should pay attention to the app development process. I'll recommend you to read the aforementioned key factors to know how you can hire skilled Top Android App Developers and build an interactive and user-friendly application that your customers will love to download. 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Boost productivity with text to speech transforming iPhone apps

You might be well-aware of the fact that there is a plethora of smartphone apps which will write the emails, search, set appointments and take notes. For a few people, tackling iPhone with small touch screen may be a bit difficult. For such people, if they find any trouble, there are plethora of apps which will swiftly convert written words directly to spoken words. A reputed iPhone App Development Company can also be hired in order to avail such apps that can really boost up the business productivity.

Apps converting text to speech:
Dragon Dictation:

Here comes an app that owns a single button. Just tap it and get started with talking. This app will handle rest of the things. The text will be such that it will automatically finish up with the dictation, so you may also get used to it. Once you will get through the rythm, simply process all the emails along with other documents using the high degree of accuracy, but in 30 outstanding dialects and languages. Once, this app will transform the speech, you can easily send the emails and copy paste it to another apps. Just make a post to Facebook and other social sites and save your text for later use. The best thing among all is that it need only network connection.

Speak Pad:

A renowned App Development Agency can be hired in rder to avail such applications. This is an amazing app that will serve you an alternative especially to those who do not spend any money. The app can be availed with a single built-in voice namely; Heather. There is also a built-in voice that will sound great which is also at par of all the apps. SpeakPad also allows the various users to modify the entire text playback rate. The app will also allow the user to playback and it also allow in saving the documents and accessing all the opened documents. SpeakPad also allows the user to have various douments to open in a single click. Thus, you can flick using the open documents and it will also allow the page indicator at the bottom side in order to indicate the total number of pages.

Voice Assistant:

This is a very fresh and revolutionary app which owns ast access features and also it makes it easier to post it using Facebook, Twitter and email. Tun on the preferred options along with Voice Assistant that will convert the transcription in a proper format without using any additional clicks. Employ the auto copy feature in order to transcribe other apps including YouTube, Google Search, Pages and even Evernote. Thus, you can also send all the transcription directly to the wireless printers.