Friday, 19 April 2013

The Big Apple Rule and User-Focused Virtual Engagement

The virtual world is changing since the day, when Steve Jobs revealed Apple’s first iPhone device. It was a special device, which make people aware with SmartPhone technologies. Late Mr. Jobs’ excellence in artificial engineering revamped the online engagement behavior of mobile users. He just sparked a SmartPhone revolution, which has now spread across the world. The online viewing experience of customers has improvised and now people are preferring their SmartPhones for their virtual engagement

This changed behavior has developed a big challenge for online business organizations, which interact with their customers through different virtual mediums. Now, such companies are bound to follow their customers in all mediums and all devices. A SmartPhone user accompany multiple devices all along the day like PC in office hours, SmartPhone during travelling, Tablet in late evenings, and laptop in leisure hours. Therefore, it has become essential for all business organizations to keep their websites available for all of these devices. Majorly, there are two technologies in SmartPhone market, which includes iOS and Android. The dominance of iOS devices has been intact despite the numerical ruling of Android using devices in recent years. 

The Love for Apple 
In last few years, Apple has earned the immense love and dependence of its users. It has been the leading SmartPhone manufacturing company in America for last five to six years. Apart from this, the profits of its App store is 300% higher than android because the iOS users believe in whatever they receive from App store and do not hesitate in even paying money for that. Therefore, business organizations prefer to target iOs customers after getting their applications approved at App Store. 

Get Your App Registered At Apple
The role of an reputable iPhone development company becomes important because a business organization trust on its hired coding agency to get its job done. Thus, if you are also trying to get your website’s iOS app registered in App store then you should check the approval record of your developer before awarding your project. It will help you in ensuring successful approval in App Store. 

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Budget iPhone- Really?

Have you made up your mind to ditch Samsung Galaxy S4 and bring iPhone 5 home this summer? Well, here’s some good news for you. The load on your pockets is likely to go down. Surprisingly accurate analyst of KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, has predicted the launch of a budget-friendly version of Apple’s recent release iPhone 5. And the reduced price is not the only advantage; the phone will also come tipped with a 4-inch Retina Display. 

Apple is renowned for earning huge profits by selling quality merchandise, so the entire concept of budget phone has pushed the team off-edge. However, eyeing the changing economic trends and the surging demands to cut down on prices to maintain profitability, have prompted Apple to come up with the plans of budget iPhone. The immense popularity of mid-range Android phones is another factor that fuelled the speculation of pocket-friendly device coming from Apple’s end. 

Be Ready to Welcome Some Changes down the Lane
However, to keep up its profit levels, Apple has introduced certain changes in the production line of this budget iPhone. After all, selling exactly same thing at a lower price and expecting an upsurge in the bottom line doesn’t sound quite clever. Video game giant, Nintendo, followed the same suit and hasn’t seen a successful dawn. One of the paramount changes to be introduced in Apple’s low-cost phone will be reflected in its case. The case of this new phone will be a mix of glass fiber and plastic. This change might have been introduced following the hearty acceptance of plastic-bodied Galaxy S 4 models by users. Apple is probably trying to read the pulse of the masses, which are willing to invest their money in smart phones that are more than just metal backs.

The display, however, remains undeterred. The new entrant in the Apple clan will also have a 4-inch Retina Display just like its high-line predecessor, iPhone 5. Amidst these predictions, the biggest question that is boggling the mind of both industry experts and iPhone users is- whether the appearance of the budget iPhone differs from its expensive counterparts? 
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Money Wise
There haven’t been any predictions about the price of this low-budget iPhone yet. However, Ming did predict that this follow-up version of iPhone 5 will be available in an array of colors. Yes! Rainbow-colors for one and all!

What Does It Mean For the Users?
If you have been an old fan of the Apple brigade, but were always hesitant looking at the price tag, this news means you could soon have an iPhone in your pocket. If you operate an reputable iPhone development company, it would mean you will soon have an additional device to showcase your app development skills. If the plan conceptualizes, it is a win-win situation for all.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Switching Around Your Note-taking Experience with Google Keep

Google Keep :  A New Android App

Google Keep
Looks like the most widely used note-taking app Evernote has finally got an arch rival! It's the Google Keep. The Android based note-taking app that was leaked a few days ago, has been finally released by Google officially. The service is currently available through Google Drive website or on the mobile devices that are running on Android 4.0.3 and above. As an added feature, users will be able to sync Notes directly with the Android App and the Google Drive website.

Google Keep enables you to take down the ideas, create checklists, archive important photographs and make voice notes. According to the official Google Blog:
“With Keep you can quickly jot down ideas when you can quickly jot ideas down when you think of them and even include checklists and photos to keep track of what's important to you.”

Every note you take is stored automatically in the Google drive and then synced with all Android- enabled devices. Just as in Evernote, all your mental reminders and notes are accessible and can be managed through your striking Android app development or web browser. This makes your notes handy.

If you find speaking more convenient as compared to writing, Google Keep has a solution for this as well. It automatically transcribes voice memos into written notes for you. The super fast Google Search service enables you to find whatever you are looking for while making your notes. Moreover, when you have finished with creating a note, you have the option to delete it or archive it.

If you need to juggle around and shuffle your priorities, there isn't any issue. All you need to do is to access Keep through your Android device, and drag around notes to mark your priorities. You can also allocate different color to each note using the color palette which is available at the top of your device's screen. These colors will help you in organizing your notes in an efficient manner. However, as of now, you will have to manually change the color of each note.

Though, you can use Keep for any note-taking purpose you have at your hand, there are 4 main methods through which Google Keep allows you enter notes. Here's a wrap up of these:

• Tap the check mark icon to create a checklist
• Use the Text Box on the initial screen to add a quick note
• Tap on the camera icon to use a photograph as a note
• Tap on the Microphone to create a voice memo. The memo is transcribed instantly, so that you have both the text and voice versions in the note.

You have the option of adding checklists to existing notes. Simply tap on the Menu button and select “Show Checkboxes”.

It is nice to have such a combination of note types in one app? Of course it is! But wish Google could introduce a reminder feature too. After all, you need to set an alarm every time you need to set a reminder. You can download Keep from Google App Store or from the Drive website here:-

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