Monday, 30 December 2013 – Avail Laudable Android App Development Solutions

With the unremitting growth of the smartphone users, there has been an upsurge in the demand for the apps that can be used on the smartphones. With Google and Apple each offering more than 700,000 apps to the users, gives a clearer picture of the fact that the mobile app industry is thriving and is only going to get bigger.
Android to Hold the Greatest Market Share
According to recent surveys conducted by IDC, it is predicted that the need for Android will grow in the near future and Android will be having the greatest market share in the mobile app industry, which is estimated to be around 31.1% in 2016. Whereas iOS, is expected to have market share that will grow to only 17.3% by 2016.
Android Apps to Drive Revenue for Businesses

Mobile apps are the newest fad among businesses, as it helps drive good revenue. A few well-known Android App Development offers some key ways that boosts businesses, these are:
  • Android has become a hot favorite among application programmers across the world, owing to its open source nature. With this businesses get the advantage of building some applications which are free of cost and others are sold at highly affordable prices.
  • Android applications are accessible through Google Play Store, which is the largest mobile app market with numerous mobile users accessing it every day. Thus, Android applications will reach a great amount of visitors as opposed to those developed on other mobile platform.
  • Android offers a development environment that is easy to use and can be used to develop customized android apps. Furthermore, the development environment also allows end-users to test the developed apps to determine their functionality prior to uploading them for downloads on the Google Play Store.
  • Google constantly keeps on bringing new updates for the Android apps, and thereby makes the applications to be a laudable choice for businesses. This gives more space to online marketers, businesses and developers to furnish more business strategies.
  • Android Software Development Kit (SDK) provides great support to developers for designing android apps. The SDK platform comprises of a huge collection of libraries that makes it possible for the developers to develop any type of app that they want. This isn’t the end! The SDK platform contains features that facilitate the developers to port applications from other mobile environments and later transform them to become cross-platform apps that can be used on any device.
Need to Hire Android App Developers
Today, each and every business owner wants to make it big in the mobile app industry. Therefore, in order to equip the advance technologies and compete in today’s highly competitive market, it becomes mandatory for every business to develop or update their mobile technologies. The most viable alternative is to hire services of a reputable mobile app development company, as it guarantees high ROI on your mobile app development. is a well-recognized mobile Development Company that caters customized and highly innovative development solutions across the globe, as per the contemporary market trend. The company boasts over 5 years of experience and possesses a development team of talented and skilled app developers. Mobiers has till date delivered more than 5,000 well-developed projects to its global clientele. Our team of Android App Developers harnesses the maximum potential of the convoluted Android SDK platform, and utilizes Android development tools in excess to explore unlimited possibilities in the field of mobile application development. Our Android app development solutions include:
  • Custom Android Apps Development
  • Android Games Development
  • Enterprise Android Applications
  • Android M-commerce Applications
  • Android Social Media Applications
  • Android Apps Testing / Portability
  • Android Support & Maintenance

Monday, 23 December 2013

How a smart iPhone Mobile Application can assist you getting in shape?

How many times you have taken resolution for controlling or reducing your weight? You might have done this every year to acquire a fitness goal, but you might have found it a bit unsuccessful. This is because; it is not so easy to follow a schedule and achieve a goal. In order to help you, here we have listed a few iPhone applications that have been proven to help in losing weight and getting in shape.

All such iPhone apps will offer you a wide range of leverages starting from fitness tutorial to managing a diet. You will discover many more perks from this app that can be deemed as a perk by iPhone Mobile Application Development services for weight conscious individuals such as tracking your weight and fitness goals and the best part among all is that most of them are free.

Diet Assistant:

Those who always lacked behind to attain their target for weight loss because of absence of a little help, this is the best solution. Diet Assistant will offer you an extra bit of aid which can bring you a lots of differences. You might have already heard of the celebrities having personal chefs and professionals trainers for keeping them on the track. Diet Assistant will allow you to get some more. You can get personalized and healthy diet plans, whether you are vegetarian or not. So, get this application on your iPhone to explore nutritional facts, weight loss tracker, diet tips and much more.


This application works perfectly smoother with your iPhone’s GPS technology for real time pace, distance and also for speed tracking. It also integrates Twitter in order to allow user to advertise their fitness regime. In order to get started, you have to setup an account and thereafter you can save your bike rides, walks and runs directly to a training log along with using maps. Its additional features include an ability to sync with a website and using voice feedback in order to coach.

iPump Free Workout:

This application is introduced by a talented iOS App Developer, namely; Declan Condron. This app is a free alternative to iPump and will offer you two full body workouts targeting a major muscle groups along with sample exercises. Each workout introduced in it us designed exclusively for maximum number of results that will help user to attain maximum number of results. While working out a user can also enjoy video, music and can record activity as well.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker:

This is one of the best apps which are also easy to use and it will aid a user to stay far away from weight-gain sources. The app is having customizable database with details f over 1.5 millions of foods, nutritional facts and quick data entry of foods. It also has customizable list carrying over 350 types of exercises, traceable calories and also social media sharing.


This is one of the most powerful iPhone applications that will allow you to craft the workouts in order to see and track the heart rate, calories burned, time in target zone, speed, cadence, power and distance. iSpinning is highly compatible with a huge variety of fitness sensors which will let you customize your dashboard metrics with each ride. An additional hardware is also required akin to SMHEART LINK in order to create a wireless bridge between fitness sensor and iPhone.

Thus, you are no more far to your goal of getting in shape. All such apps will aid you in keeping in track with your plan and routine required to reduce weight.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Make accounting less complicated and acquire high business productivity

The ground of the business growth involves a plethora of elements and accounting is one of them. Invoices, taxes and accounts are a few things that you cannot ignore even if you are running a small scale business. Eventually, accounting will consume a lot of time which can affect the business growth as well. Thus, to save your precious time and to elevate the productivity level, you can get the mobile apps which can bring you outstanding performance.

However, the accountant professionals might think that accessing mobile for managing data is not a good idea for entrepreneurs but the ability to check the cash details, payables and receivables can be easily done with the aid of mobile apps. There are many apps that can help in accounting for the small business and these will also aid the firm in saving a lot of money against manual accounting.

The company has released own app namely FreshBooks that is highly compatible with the iOS devices. The user is allowed to perform all the tasks such as sending invoice, creating estimates, entering payment details, tracking time of projects and classifying expenses as well.
The software also includes a few graphics that are placed within the interactive pictures that highlights the attention and also the experience of dealings associated with finance and accounts. You can simply get this app from iTunes App store and from Google Play as well.


This app is exclusively designed for the accounting only. It offers a web based system that will manage all the finances whether it is for small scale or large scale business. It also includes purchasing, expense reports and inventory records along with the project management features. The cost of this app is also customizable that means it takes account for each usage and all other modules that your business needs in order to evaluate the price.

Less Accounting:
This is a web based app and also an iPhone app that has been integrated with PayPal. This app has the ability to get connected with the credit card accounts and online banking. You can avail this app as well as similar app by getting in touch with a leading iPhone App Development Company.

Xero Touch:
This is a mobile version of software namely; Xero which is web based accounting software. This was launched in August 2012. However, the company keeps on updating the app and now they have upgraded in a version which is also compatible with Android device. All the versions of this app support excellent features including uploading pictures of recipients so as to support expense claims. 

Both versions of this application support innovative features like capturing and uploading pictures of receipts to support expense claims, mobile bank reconciliation and real-time as well which is supported by a direct interface that will eventually import all the data directly from financial institutions of U.S.

QuickBooks Online:

This Web-based application by Intuit is easy-to-use for Mac and PC users and comes in a variety of packages that range from $13 to $63 per month. Additionally, QuickBooks Mobile, which is absolutely free and can be used for iPhone and Android, has an option for automatic syncing to QuickBooks online account which can help in drawing invoices. These applications are easy to use, but one can get in touch with various iPhone Developers to acquire assistance, if required.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Cyber Monday and Black Friday offering sterling and unbeatable deals for iPhone

iPhone Cyber Monday Deals have been always exciting. As per the latest update, iPhone 5S has ruled iPhone 5 with its lucrative features. Each App Development Agency has made amazing efforts to offer outstanding apps and features. Additionally, the two excellent handsets released by Apple are elevating the consumer’s interest from a long time. There are a few retailers that are expected to offer the best deals for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on this upcoming Cyber Monday.

It might be a daunting task to keep in pace with all deals of Apple Black Friday within this year especially with a plethora of popular retailers who are offering iPods, iPads and iPhone. However, it was lucky to round up Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals that can be shared with all the Apple fans. There are many startling deals also that have been offered for DSLR cameras, smartphones, video games, TV and consoles as well.

Retailers offering best deals:

T-Mobile is one of the popular retailers that will not be offering the weekend discount of Black Friday for the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Moreover, there were some updates also for the iPhone 5S as well and as per those updates iPhone 5S will be available for the cheapest price under the offer. Moreover, iPhone 5C can be purchased at just $9.99 on December 2.

There is one another well-known retailer of iPhone, that is, Best Buy who will be offering iPhone 5S at discount of $75. This offer is applicable for all the models including Spring, Verizon and AT&T. This deal was only meant for the Black Friday. Walmart also came up with the offer of crediting $30 to the customers who will buy iPhone 5C on contract. This deal was applicable for the whole week excluding Cyber Monday.

As per the report, iPhone 5S has been sold at higher rate as compared to other iOS devices of Apple. Moreover, it has been also revealed that iPhone 5S has been sold at much more faster rate than when it was launched. Among all the iPhone users, iPhone 5S has been accounted for 7.66% alone, which is much higher than that of 6.28%.

The bottom line:
It can be deemed that iPhone 5S has came up with immense of amendments and features that have made it so popular among iPhone lovers. This all has also happened because of incredible efforts made by each skilled Mobile Applications Developer. So, those who have invested in iPhone 5S has done the great job as they have bought the “King of iPhones” at the best deal.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Handy Checklist For Determining custom Mobile App Development Cost

Traditional mobile phones and computing devices have been trounced by today’s smartphones and tablets. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find people using their mobile devices both, for personal as well as professional purposes. The sudden outburst of smartphones has encouraged enterprises to launch customized mobile applications that allow people to stay connected with both, customers and prospects at the same time. Considering the never-ending demand for useful mobile apps, more and more business organizations have started opting for inexpensive means of building customized apps for iPhones, Android, Blackberry etc. Today, through this blog I intend to share some handy tips (I’ve also worked with them throughout the 10 years of my mobile app development journey) that can be followed as an approach towards estimating the cost of a custom Mobile app development project, outsourced mobile app development company.

So, without any further delay, let’s simply dive into these tips which’ll definitely help you estimate an unbiased cost for your custom Mobile app development project.

ü  Target devices- The functioning of a mobile app primarily depends on the operating system, it’s been designed for. As an entrepreneur looking for a mobile-compatible business app, you should finalize the mobile device(s), you want the app to run on. You can do this by keeping the target audience in mind and thereby analyzing the device (here I’m referring to the operating system installed in the smartphone/tablet/desktop) which’s been used by most of your potential customers, spread all over the world.  

ü  Functionalities- The kind of features and functionalities you want for your business app directly determine the cost you’ll need to invest. Hence, it’s quite essential for you to evaluate the essence of your app and estimate the amount of cash that needs to be paid for incorporating each individual feature/functionality.

ü  Price attached to coding- A majority of mobile app developers in the USA works on an hourly basis. As per a recent survey’s report it’s been found that a business organization has to spend somewhere between $3,000 to $8,000 for developing a small mobile app while the cost of building a more complex app goes at somewhere around $50,000 to $150,000. Hence, prior to sealing a deal with a mobile app developer, make sure to do a detailed survey of the rates charged and opt for the one who charges an honest fee.

ü  Project Development Timeline- There’s a popular saying “Things done in a timely manner bear better results.”. This holds true in case of mobile app development as well. Remember, deciding the timeline for the project will have a direct impact on its cost. In other words, if you want an early launch of your business app then you’ll have to pay an extra price.

Now that you’re well-informed about all the factors that play a crucial role in determining the mobile app development cost; I hope it’ll become simpler for you to choose the right Mobile App Developer. By following the above-mentioned tips, it’ll become much more comfortable for you to manage your budget, that can easily go haywire due to a single wrong investment.