Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Benefits That Make Mobile App Development A Viable Solution

We are living in a digital era, where the inception of smart devices has brought a revolutionary change in the global market. And, this revolution has not stopped yet. It is incessantly impacting the way businesses are done. There are many stats and analytics reports that prove that the number of mobile Internet users has surpassed that of the desktop Internet users.

No doubt, a website offers a great marketing tool for any business. For instance, the e-Commerce businesses have amazingly reaped the benefits of the Internet and enabled people to shop with a flair. And, then come mobile applications that not only help online retailers to overhaul their business marketing approach, but it also improves the user experience and made shopping a breeze.

The prolific benefits of mobile applications have encouraged businesses to invest in a suitable mobile application development service and take their business a notch higher. There are several companies out there that offer a variety of mobile application development services like Android app development, iOS app development, to name a few. It is advisable to think thoroughly while making a choice.

Today, most of the businesses have already invested in a suitable mobile development. If you have still not considered mobile app development, it is high time now. Here are some compelling reasons to invest in a mobile application development and boost your business.
  • Offers an amazing way to reap the benefits of social platforms – It is needless to say that how popular social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., are today. An application can offer you a nice platform to integrate all these channels and promote your business across masses with an ease. You can let your users share reviews on these networks with their friends and thus, help efficiently market your products and services across the globe.
  • Get on mobile with a mobile application - It can't be denied that a website is sufficient in todays digital world. With the majority of people owning a smartphone, you can ensure a greater exposure to your business with a suitable mobile application. Since, the application can help better cater to users' needs and deliver an advanced UX, it certainly makes a viable choice.
  • You can better cater to your users need – No matter you work in which industry, your prime goal should be to attain customer satisfaction. If your user base includes satisfied and happy users, your sales will eventually elevate. With mobile applications, you can seamlessly interact with your users and seek their invaluable feedback. These feedbacks can help you further improve your services, while ensuring loyalty among consumers.
  • Ensure a prolific brand value – A consistent brand identity can beautifully add to your business success. Even if you are not able to generate requisite results from your service, you can still create a definite market value via a great application. However, your application needs to offer an outstanding solution and stand out among a plethora of applications that are already available in the market.
The mobile industry is rapidly blooming, and it is worthy for every business to invest in mobile application development. It can surely help augment your ROI and profits, and thus, expand your business. While there are many companies that offer a proficient mobile application to leverage their products and services, you must consider this and invest in a suitable application. Or, else it will become hard to stand ahead in this competitive market.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Hiring A Talented Android App Developer To Promote Your Busienss To Greater Heights

If we really compare between an Android application development with other mobile technologies, then I am pretty much sure that the business industries of Android application is more extensive and vibrant as it is the most utilized mobile application technology in current generation among youth. Market of Android Application has the biggest installation spree among numerous other brands of smart phones. The huge collection of Android libraries attracts in light of an acknowledged concerns for a user. Android is an open source platform that makes it cost effective solution for users and developers. As it does not need any licensing expenses for users to develop an Android application by giving it an adaptable development platform.

Android application platform offers different categories that purely comprises of Business applications, Educational applications, Gaming applications, Entertainment applications, Travel applications, GPS navigational applications, Events applications, Social networking applications, Utility applications, Chatting application and Messenger applications, Shopping applications and other various such applications.

So, the most essential factor is selecting an appropriate app development company. Nowadays, there are numerous of Android app development companies as well as app development firms which can offer high end mobile apps that are very profitable for business purposes. A good Android application development company offers high end to end business solutions for an individual client and an enterprise client with a decent work environment for Android application developers. A proper development process of an Android application should definitely cover each and every phase that are mentioned below:
  1. Conceptualization
  2. Designing
  3. Development
  4. Integration
  5. Testing
  6. Application Store Maintenance and Deployment Process

The most indispensable motive of picking up a proper Android application development organization is that it is mandatory to work with the most recent tools in the specific market by acquiring the most recent technology. The company has to stay updated with the latest and upcoming versions of Android platforms.
What steps should be taken to make your Application highly effective?
Other than developing a sound application, developers should posses high brain-storming ideas to think about the greatest achievement procedure of their Android application. If we come to the point of the most popular applications, then gaming and entertainment applications are the most mainstream ones in recent days of this highly enabled mobile technological world. But yes, ofcourse developers can develop quite advance and great mobile application if that application has to be a mainstream. For this, it is extremely necessary to follow few basic steps:-
Proliferation: The application that you are developing has to reach out to the world and not only a nation or a city. Hire an Android developer who can develop an application from the viewpoint of general people to make it utilize comprehensively.
Version: It is very much vital for you to test your application on all the Android devices so that people can be easily be accustomed with each its application and can utilize it well.

Tablets and Smart phones: Hire an Android developer who can create mobile application that has ought to be usable for both tablets and Smartphones or for any other types of devices as each gadget has its own clients of distinctive age groups with unique features. Android application developed by hugely skilled Android developers has to be reachable to people globally.
Presentation: By presentation we mean appearance tof the application that is pretty much important as it is a crucial part of designing which can’t be avoided at any cost by developers if we talk from user's viewpoint.
Promotion: When developing a part of application is finished, promoting your application is essential in order to make it reachable to your clients.
Tracking: After the launch of your mobile application, tracking its execution process lets you find out all serious issues and changes that might occur while handling.
While hiring an android developer, it is essential for us to consider that they have to grab the right person with right skills for android development application. Checking the right talent before you handover any development project to a new employee will decide the future of your organization.
Another most catching aspect of hiring highly qualified Android developer is to analyze their technical behavior with proper usage of various coding parameters that are required by target audiences which is extremely a significant step to consider for Android development companies to see how capable candidates can comprehend that are required for your clients.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Why You Should Invest in Developing Mobile Apps?

The increasing adoption of Smartphone has, and continues to change how users browse the Internet. In fact, a recent report by Smart Insights stated that mobile devices has already exceeded desktop usage. This means that if you cannot address the needs of mobile users, you might lose a lot of potential customers.

But, having a mobile site alone won't help you in driving traffic. Wondering why? This is because around 61 percent of digital media time is spent on apps by mobile users. Since the majority of mobile users prefers using an app, leveraging mobile application development services can help you come up with a winning app model – that can help in encouraging users to use your product.

Moreover, with the boom in the e-commerce market, an app also proves a faster alternative than website in offering a personalized shopping experience to users. And thus, an app can help boost your sales better than a website. If you are still not convinced as to why you should consider investing in mobile application development, take a look at the key points below:

1. Mobile Apps Deliver Better UX Than Websites

Based on a recent online survey, it was found that nearly 8 out of 10 people today make use of a Smartphone. This clearly suggests that expanding your business in the mobile ecosystem has become a lot more important than ever before. However, to address mobile users need to have a responsive website alone won't help you accomplish your goals. You also need an app to expand your business reach to a larger audience base. This is because mobile apps help provide a better UX (user experience) compared to websites.

2. Help Get Maximum Attention With Social Media Platforms

Needless to say that most of the people use social media networks such as Facebook or any other popular network. In fact, a lot of them are obsessed with such networks. Using an app, you can integrate your choice of social media channels to attract maximum attention of your users. For instance, you can enable your users to share their views and add comments regarding your products and services via social networks.

3. Attracts Larger and New Generation Users

Today, people of all ages, especially the new generation of users are using mobile devices more than desktop computers. And so, following the traditional approach to reach to your target audience won't work all the time. Simply put, merely depending on just a responsive site is not enough to cater to your users' needs. And, with mobile applications becoming the most widely used and crucial elements of the mobile industry, having one will definitely help you generate leads and increase your sales.

4. Helps Expand Your Brand Identity

In order to survive in today's ever-increasing competition in the online marketplace, you need to establish a strong brand identity. In case, you fail to generate leads with your service, you can still create a distinctive presence in the market with the help of a great app. For instance, having an app that notifies your users about latest deals will not only help in keeping your users engaged but will heighten their interest in your product.

5. Provide Better Customer Satisfaction

Irrespective of the industry your business belongs to, achieving customer satisfaction should always be your top priority. Remember, the more the users will be satisfied with your offerings, the more sales it will drive for your business. Mobile apps help give a medium to interact with your target audience and also fetch their valuable feedback. Getting feedback from your users would not only help in removing the bugs, but also instill a sense of loyalty among users, which eventually turn them into your long-term customers.

Final Words

Observing the continuing boom in the mobile industry, investing in app development will certainly prove a productive deal for you. Many companies are already utilizing, and continues to adopt technologies to come up with great mobile apps. So, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, it is important for you to have a mobile application that best serve the needs of your industry.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Strategies You Must Adopt To Improve Mobile Banking

Right from businesses, to organizations and now even financial institutions are embracing mobility in a bid to improve user engagement, and boost conversion. In fact, mobile banking has become an integral part of almost every financial institution in the last couple of years. However, they still find difficulty in providing banking services and innovative mobile solutions together.

However, using the following latest mobile strategies can help you in shaping your financial institution:

1. Streamline Your Payment Process Using Effective Mobile Payment Tool

Long gone is the time, when person to person payment was handled informally. With the continuous rise in the development of new mobile devices, users who own a Smartphone or tablets can make or receive payments quickly, even on the move. According to Forrester, “the mobile payment market will increase up to $90 billion by 2017.” And so, it is very important that your institution is utilizing mobile payment tool that helps streamline the traditional personal payment system.

For example, you can make use of PayPal to facilitate users with the ability to make payments via mobile. This will eventually help you boost user engagement rate, which eventually will help in increasing your customer base.

2. Personalize Your Customer Experiences Via Mobile App

By providing users with plenty of products and services can help you give a competitive advantage in the industry. Thus, several financial institutions are making efforts to provide solutions that help increase their customer’s satisfaction level. This is why many banks today are not just offering traditional banking services via mobile app, but are also trying to market their products and services (like car and home loans, health insurance, etc.) through the app.

However, keep in mind that many other banks are also making use of mobile application to expand their reach to a wider customer base. Therefore, you must develop an app that can provide best personalized experience for users. Luckily, you can find several renowned Android app development companies and other app development firms that help develop unique and profitable applications tailored to meet their client's specific needs.

3. Save Your Time With Mobile Wallet

Thanks to mobile wallet, you no longer have to go through the hassle of managing cash, debit and credit cards. Though, debit cards ad credit cards made people opine that they can move cashless and still enjoy making payments, the increasing usage of mobile seems to have disrupted this flow. Put it simply, the advent of mobile wallet has replaced the traditional wallet. Though, going cashless may appear the new trend, but in the distant future payments will be made using digital technology such as Apple Pay or any other mobile wallet services.

The current generation is already making use of this mode of payment, which has helped in increasing its popularity. With mobile wallet, you won't have the fear of losing your credit and debit cards, and their information (including discount coupons and utility programs), since everything can be stored directly on your mobile wallet. Despite of the advantages mobile wallets also raise security concerns. And so, using any mobile wallet service is going to a potential opportunity as well as a challenge for banking institutions.

4. Make Financial Transactions More Comforting Using Wearable Technology

Possibly, you may choose to follow the same strategies that your competitor may be using to improve their user experience via mobile banking. However, in order to stand apart from the competition, instead of doing the same things like your counterparts, it would be much better if you’ll embrace some latest technology. Current generation users enjoy using wearable devices, and thus leveraging it can provide you the opportunity to deliver great customer experience.

Wearable devices such as smartwatches and others when connected with your app, helps in delivering financial information on the move. Although wearable devices are still considered new, but their market is projected to grow, up to US$8 billion by 2018. In fact, some well-known banks in Spain are making use of Google Glass wearable technology. So, opting for such a technology will definitely place you in a good position as a financial enterprise.

5. Focus on Reducing Risks Associated With Security and Authentication

With increasing security vulnerabilities, security has become a big concern for almost every financial institution. According to the Norton 2013 Report concerning cybercrime, it was concluded that inaccurate authentication methods were the primary reason that caused maximum mobile fraud incidents. And, the worst part is that consumers aren’t taking any proper measures to protect their information against attacks those devices. For instance, people don’t bother using strong password for verification, making it an ineffective way to access critical financial information. Remember, not being able to take correct security measures in the banking sector can result in huge loss. Thankfully, biometric identifiers can help banks in dealing with such authentication challenges.

For example, you can use fingerprints to identify an authenticated user. In fact, using fingerprint for authentication is an easy and user-friendly approach compared to password since it saves you from the hassle of remembering it.


Nowadays, almost every business to financial institution is facing tough competition. If you run a financial institution, then it becomes crucial for adopting mobile strategies and trends that can help you run efficiently and effectively. Besides, using latest mobile trends will help in growing trust among customers and help increase ROI. Most importantly, using the mobile solutions effectively will help make the banking experience as smooth and seamless as possible for yourself and your clients.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Ways to Create Brilliant Mobile Apps, The Easy Way

Many organizations and businesses are leveraging mobile apps to expand their reach to a wider target audience base. In fact, according to a latest report mobile users spend 52 percent of digital media time on apps. These factors clearly suggest that having an app can help in business growth. If you have planned on creating an app model, then the next thing you need to consider is choosing a suitable platform for developing your mobile application.

But there is nothing to fret, as mobile app development does not require you to become a proficient coding professional. As a matter of fact, you can easily develop your own app even with little and basic knowledge of popular web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Also, you can choose to hire Android app developer to get your job done. Here, in this article, I will make you learn about a few excellent ways to build a mobile app without having to write overly complex and lengthy code.

Android and iOS remain to be the two most dominating app platforms. While you can choose to create an app using any one of these platforms, Android will prove a better choice if you want to publish the app quickly. That's because, the Android app store imposes less restrictions on publishing a mobile application compared to Apple. So, now that you have decided to create an Android app, you might be worried about writing code.

Bring Professionals on Board

You can easily find an app development company that can help meet your app development needs. However, be sure about selecting a company that is highly recognized in the industry for providing versatile services in terms of developing an app. Having years of experience in the field and continuously working on varied mobile application projects, help the Android application development company deploy results-driven solution that gives you a competitive edge over the competition.

Use a Tool to Build Your App

Another excellent way to come up with a mobile app is to make use of a tool for building the app. Fortunately, there are several tools online that gives users and developers alike, the ability to develop mobile applications in no time and without having to write lengthy code. Two excellent tools you should consider for building your app are:
  • App Press: This is a web based app creator that helps build Android, iPhone and iPad applications. The best thing about this tool is that does not require you dirty your hands with coding. Moreover, it can be used by designers as well for creating apps with good looking visual assets with its Photoshop-like UI – that helps assemble the screens using layers. Another great aspect about the tool is that it supports Amazon cloud-based service, and thus allows sharing app data without much hassle.
  • Appy Pie: This is yet another great tool for building an app, however, you are required to sign up for an Appy Pie account to use this tool. It helps in creating highly innovative app in a simple to follow a three step process that initiates with choosing a suitable app category, building the app and publishing it. Appy Pie can be used to build apps for different categories, including Business, Restaurant, Real Estate, etc. You can use this tool for building Android, Windows and iOS apps.


Are you looking for a code-free way to build an Android app? Well, then the above mentioned points will certainly help you accomplish your needs in the best and most efficient manner possible.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Developing a mobile application: The legals

By December 2015 , the app penetration in US is touted to reach 85%. Conventional trends suggest that app usage is directly proportional to the number of smartphone owners. Therefore, with rising number of smartphone users, app penetration is not surprise. App development and distribution however, is not a cakewalk. Knowledge on the legal aspects is imperative for every organization.
We list some of the most important legal nuances involved in dealing with iOS / Android application development company.

Signing up NDA with your vendor
The most important aspect is to sign a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) with the vendor. As the vendor is now legally bound from going public with your data and business secrets, your business is safe. Otherwise there is always a risk that they may divulge important details to your competitors.

IP Ownership and copyrights
An app development process involves a series of smart aspects such as functional descriptions, wireframes and documentation. Paying attention to minute details in the step by step process is imperative. This provides the scope to sue the vendor in case the app is unable to fulfill your requirement. Moreover, you must clearly define the IP ownership of your app as the app vendor writes the IP address for you.

App development contract
The contract must clearly define on the SOW (Scope Of Work) by the vendor (as well as you). It should have details of the resources, how many app developers will they hire/assign for your project, what the vendor will bring to the table etc. A good measure would be addition of a secrecy clause along with others such as post sale service (and it’s tenure) etc. This ensures maximum protection at your end.

Intellectual property rights
Since your app has access to business data and secrets, you must have intellectual rights of the app. To top it all, these rights curb unauthorized access to crucial things such as source code, documentation, images etc.

Protecting yourself
You must have the knowledge of rules governing the app development, distribution and usage of the country you are launching your app in. Different countries have different rules. Moreover, you must cater to Google’s / Apple’s precise requirements in order to avoid removal from app store, or app suspension.

Setting out the legal terms
The client and app vendor must decide on things that directly influence the future development and app usage after it’s delivery. Some of the legal terms that are a must to include:

Usage terms: You must put forth some do’s and dont’s as the working basis of the app. Legal implication in the event of breach also have to be stated here.
Privacy: You must outline the nature and scope of data collected from your users and through the application and the possible uses for avoiding future legal implications. This data can be date of birth, location etc.

Terms & conditions: This is a very essential aspect. You absolutely have to disclose the financial charges associated with usage of your application. And this must be a voluntary step.
Disclaimer: In the event of unavoidable circumstance like app malfunctioning etc., you must secure immunity from the law of land.

It is important that you know of these rules before even setting out for mobile app development as once you've launched it, modifying it as per the rules can be difficult and resource intensive. A good idea is to hire an app developer who has experience and knows Google and Apple quite a good measure. Moreover, you must join hands with a good legal representative in order to avoid complications later.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Best Tips To Build A High-Performing Android App

With millions and millions of Android apps already listed on the Google Play Store, finding a niche for your Android app is definitely a challenging job. Well, it takes a lot of time and efforts to build an Android app that performs outstandingly on all renowned app stores. If you're serious about Android app development and want to build one that's able to gather applauds from users across the globe, this is a post which will tel you all. Here, you'll find some high-end, easy-to-follow tips on creating an excellent Android app that is par excellence.
  1. Know the Android market inside out
Before your kickstart with the implementation of your cool Android app idea, it is beneficial to study the Android app market. You must study the app development approaches followed by renowned Android application development companies. Plus, you also need to know the techniques for executing complete monetization of your app in addition to the things that matter to you when it comes to choosing between instant profit and a larger user base. Be sure on whether you want to release freemium gaming apps or the usual messaging apps.
  1. Get on with designing flexible layouts
Since Android is running on a wide majority of screens, it is advised to design flexible layouts that can easily stretch so as to fit the app content to the screen of the device that's being used for viewing the app. You must use “wrap_content” and “fill_parent” inside the layout XML under situations wherein you want your app's content to adapt to the screen size in an automatic format.

  1. Restrict the app screen count to 2 or 5
The key to create a successful Android app is to keep things as simple as possible. Talking in a straightforward way, you must make it a point to keep the app screen count to 2 or 5. Doing this would not only make your app load faster but would even encourage the users to explore the complete app within minimum amount of time. Prior to working on your app design project, get on with finding an accurate answer to the question “What purpose would my app actually solve?”
  1. Offline experiences shouldn't be ignored
Apps that receive maximum love from users are the ones which render an awesome user experience even in the offline mode. Therefore, as an app creator, you must give a thought to the question as to how your app would be performing in the offline mode. You should eliminate any bugs/errors that might interfere with your app's offline performance.
  1. Localization of the Android app is a must
An app that's readily available in the regional languages has greater chances of getting accepted by a global audience. By localizing your app's user interface, it becomes easier for you to 'woo' an international audience instantly. Hence, make sure to specify a configuration language along with a region qualifier that would automatically switch your app to the device's locale language.


Hope my simple Android app creation tips would add charm to your app development ventures and enable you to come up with a truly stunning Android app that creates new records at the Google Play Store.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Points To Bear In Mind While Choosing Experts For iPad App Development

No doubt, developing an iPad application can dramatically benefit your business. Since, it is not a cup of tea for an individual to develop an iOS application without any prior iOS programming experience, it is better to invest in a suitable iPad development service. However, your choice of iPad application development company matters a lot in the success of the application.

The Apple iPad is around for some time now. And, there is no dearth of experienced and reputed iPad app development companies across the globe. While it can be overwhelming to have a number of options around, it makes it equally hard to find a valuable service provider who can offer guaranteed results. Thus, it is imperative to make it certain that your chosen service provider is ideal for your project and deliver a worthwhile iPad application.

To help you streamline your choice, here are a few of the resourceful points to consider while choosing an iPad app development company.

  • Seek Experienced Professionals – The amount of experience that your chosen professionals have in developing applications for the iPad counts. As, Apple iPad features a platform that is distinct from other in a lot of sense, it is not a child's play to work on it with efficacy. Only an experienced developer can handle the iPad platform with a flair and develop a promising application. Thus, it is better to make sure that the company has a good amount of experience developing successful applications for the iPad users.

  • Review Their Portfolio – It is better to hire professionals who have experience in developing applications that are somewhat relevant to your business. This is so because, it will help you ensure that they have a better knowledge about the type of application and functionalities that you want. Thus, they can better cater your needs. You can look for this particular detail by pondering into the portfolio and analyzing their previous projects. If you find something useful or relevant to your business, you may choose to proceed further.

  • Ensure Intuitive Applications – When we already have a huge list of applications in the application stores, it is vital to make your application as interactive, enticing and user-friendly as possible. This will certainly make it stand out of the pool of applications; however, for a successful application, there are several other factors that matters as well. Moreover, your target audience will most probably include both tech-savvy and non tech-savvy individuals. Thus, with an intuitive application, you can reach your audience with a great efficiency. Therefore, it is worth to make it certain that the apps developed by the company are easy to use. You can ensure this by using their previous applications.

  • Research Thoroughly Beforehand – Analyze the work quality that they deliver and amount they charge for services well before hiring their services. It is also essential to make it certain that you finalize a deadline for the project in the very beginning and the chosen company strictly adheres to that deadline. You can review the portfolios and client testimonials to ensure a surefire performance. You may also refer to their previous clients and get a glimpse of the work environment and results that the company shared with them.

Moreover, it is recommended to compare the prices charged and set of services offered under the similar packages by the other competent app development companies. This will give an idea of what is the genuine amount that you will need to invest in the development of a desired application. However, make sure that the companies that you are comparing are all offering valuable services. And, don't only go with a low price, quality is what that matters.

Whatever application (be it an entertainment app, educational app or any other application) you want to develop for iPad users, it is worth to choose a suitable professional for the job. By bearing these points in mind, you can ensure that your chosen development company is ideal for your business.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Want To Expeditiously And Efficiently Create A Mobile Application?

The mobile application market is continuously growing day by day. This comes with no surprise, as the use of mobile devices is also incessantly increasing. Irrespective of the age group or business, applications have become an inevitable part of the life for the most of the population. Thus, if you are seeking a platform to target the global audience, developing a suitable mobile application makes a viable choice.

While there are several mobile platforms out there, Android is dominating the market with over 70% of the total mobile market shares. And, keeping the efforts of Google in mind, it can be said that Android will hold the reins in the future as well. Thus, if you want to develop a mobile application, it is advisable to choose an experienced Android application development company and accomplish your project with a flair. There is no dearth of professionals across the earth, you can easily get a suitable app developer who can proficiently cater to your business needs.

There are great chances of generating a hefty revenue via an application, as you can either sell your app, monetize it with advertisements, in-app purchases, promote your products or services. In order to create an outstanding application that can go viral upon release, there are certain questions. By addressing these questions, you can ensure that your decisions can add to your application's success and thus, they are beneficial for your business.

Here are a few of the question unleashed; consider them to quickly develop an effective mobile application.
  • What is the prime goal of your application?
It is vital to analyze the objectives of your application before diving into the development process. Find out whether it is aimed at generating a great revenue, or for marketing a business. Both the goals demand a completely different approach. For promoting a business via an application, you can hire the services of a development company to take care of your objectives. On the contrary, for driving revenue, you may choose to create your own application (maybe via a brilliant application builder).
  • Do you want to make a premium or free application?
The category of your application can help you identify whether it will be paid or free. If it is a gaming application, it is better to keep it free for users. However, you may choose to create a free as well as a paid version of your application if needed. And, once you will generate a notable user base, you can monetize your application in a desired fashion. If your goal is to attain a greater number of app downloads, a free application is advisable.
  • What type of application you want to create?
Since the market trends are ever fluctuating, it is recommended to research in advance and choose a suitable application category. Choose a category that is bound to be in demand in the future. This can be scrutinized by thoroughly observing the applications featured in top paid and free applications column. Make it certain that your chosen application category and type will not disappoint you in the future.
  • DIY or hire an application developer?
Hiring a developer will obviously cost you more, but it will also ensure a surefire performance of your application. Thus, it is advisable when you want to promote your products via an application. However, if you want to begin your career as an application developer, you can do it your own by choosing a prolific application development tool. There are several tools available in the market. With a good programming knowledge and an excellent tool, you can have an easy time doing the development. PS: your chosen tool should be actually worth investing time and efforts.

These are a few of the questions that one must consider in advance to create a desired application in a fast and efficient way.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Valuable Tips to Develop A Prolific Android App

Android is an open source mobile platform that has garnered a gigantic user base. Being open source in nature, developers across the globe prefer Android development. While it offers various benefits, it is imperative for developers to make it certain that their app run smoothly and consistently on a range of Android devices.

If you want an Android application to leverage your business, it is advisable to invest in a suitable app development service. There are numerous Android app development companies who offer valuable development services. You can easily get a suitable one, though it is essential to research beforehand to ensure that your chosen professional is well suitable for your project.

One of the most striking and most discussed elements of the Android operating system, is the quantity of various functionalities and options it brings to the table. It comes a nearby second to Apple. There are a great many Android professional who is working hard to concoct more up to date applications and recreations and acquire an employment out of it.

On the off chance that you are a sprouting Android App Developer, you make use various tips and traps that would make your app emerge as well as make it speak to an extensive number of clients.

Here are some useful tips to leverage Android app development.

  • Implement Languages
C, C++, Java, SQL, and so on., are a few of the dialect up on which Android platform is based. On the off chance that you are an Android engineer, you would need to make these dialects your closest companions for coming years. Without satisfactory information of these dialects it is exceptionally hard to make high quality apps that are highly functional and gives awesome performance

  • Give application format its due
At this time, bundling is everything. Individuals may not in any case need to take a gander at finest berries on the off chance that they are pressed in a shabby manner. So also, regardless of how great or helpful your application is, whether it is no great to take a gander at, the shading plan utilized is as a part of awful taste or need specialized skill to work, you would scarcely get any purchasers. On the off chance that you check audits by clients, you would acknowledge it. A client needs to have an application that is anything but difficult to work and lovely to the eye. So verify that your application credits both to stylish and utility.

  • Try not to go over the edge
In the event that you are beginner, abstain from going over the top with new innovative things in the app. In spite of the fact that new creativity and development are constantly welcome yet attempt to keep it basic and mistake free. An unreasonably jumbled code is application executioner as it would make the application slower as well as make it brimming with imperfections. It additionally gets to be hard to pinpoint the mix-up. Along these lines, imagination & curiosity ought to be inside of cutoff points of simple location of lapse, if any.

  • Consider your client's experience as your essential inspiration
Businesses prefer to hire Android app developer, as they expect a quality application that can proficiently cater to their needs. Being an Android app developer your essential center ought to be pandered to client's necessities and convey your app around it. You can make a user friendly interface which is easily understandable. This is the most important factor which every app designer should follow. The application ought to be anything but difficult to work, bug free and ought to convey as far as utility regardless of the fact that it means the diversion estimation of the same.

  • Scrutinize your target audience
Much like whatever other item that is dispatched in the business sector, you would need to join with your gathering of people keeping its preferences and aversions into thought while building up an application. While it is ready with the impulse and innovative thoughts, adding to an application around clients' necessities would verify shot hit. Think yourself as a client and recall what as a client had charmed or put you off the app and to design the most efficient Android app.

These are a few of the resourceful tips that can amazingly help you deliver a superlative application that can hit the app store. Keep these tips in mind to develop a successful application.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Most Common Android App Development Glitches – Steer Clear Of Them

The demand for Android application development is incessantly increasing with the increasing number of Android users. Today, over 80 percent of the total mobile market shares are under Android, this clearly represents how powerful the Android market is. 

In this mobile age, businesses are rapidly embracing mobile solutions and Android being a powerful platform out there, that possess a massive user base, makes a much sought after choice. This has certainly accentuated the need of a prolific Android app development firm that can offer result-driven services at competitive prices. Fortunately, there are many brilliant minds who are making a decent living from this business, you can surely get a seasoned professional for your project. 

Many developers believe take Android development casually and end up committing common disasters while developing an application. In this article, I have unleashed some of the common mistakes that most Android developers usually encounter, at least once in their career. Let's have a glance into them. 

  • App is not compatible with various screen resolutions – The proliferation of mobile in the case of popular Android platform can't be gainsaid. There is a range of Android devices featuring myriads of screen resolutions, orientation, etc., as Android is supported by various vendors. Thus, developers are required to work with a great precision to ensure a surefire performance of their product in all possible devices. 

This can be easily accomplished by using the tools available in the Android SDK. You may also choose to develop layouts that don't depend upon the screen resolutions. The resourceful Android emulator can also help you ensure a smooth and consistent performance of the application. 

  • Taking the Android Guidelines lightly – The credit of the invaluable popularity that Android has garnered in the recent years clearly goes to the painstaking efforts of Google. Google has precisely curated an expansive document covering the imperative fundamentals of ideal design, development, and application marketing. These golden rules mentioned by the tech giant Google will help one to create an application that can completely integrate with the mobile platform. Furthermore, it is also true that it won't be easy for the applications (not abiding these guidelines) to get a good rank in Google Play store. 

  • Not implementing Fragments – Businesses hire Android app developer to make it certain that their time and money won't get wasted in creating a poor application. Fragments allow one to optimize an app performance to make it run proficiently on various screens. This is not it. It can also be managed via the parent activity with a breeze. Thus, to ensure a remarkable product, developers must use fragments. 

  • When intents are not considered – Intents form a crucial part of the Android. They facilitate a smooth and swift flow of data between various system's applications and between the different parts of an application. Therefore, they can help you save your valuable time, while allowing you to easily correlate almost everything on the system. 

  • When the main thread is blocked – The main thread is responsible for making a UI of an application responsive. If you are not able to give appropriate feedbacks to your users, this can ruin the user experience. Since, it can annoy your users, it is not good for the success of an application.

These are a few of the common mistakes that most of Android developers commit. These can be easily avoided, however, you need to be aware of them. You can find a complete guide on the Internet embracing all such simple mistakes that must be ignored. If you want to establish a shining career in Android development, it is advisable to respect the platform guidelines and steer clear of common mistakes.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

An Insight Into The Sophisticated Wearable Devices

With the rapidly innovating technology, wearable technology is gaining a great momentum. Today, wearable tech devices are admired across the globe for their absolute features and remarkable performance. These advanced devices deliver smart results, including a clock reading to generating alerts or notifications.

Like smartphone applications, applications are the cornerstone of these wearable tech devices. They are also powered by certain platforms like iOS, Android, etc. There are various companies that are generating a hefty revenue by developing powerful gadgets to support the latest technology. In fact, businesses are also considering their benefits seriously and developing wearable applications.

If you also want to ensure a sustainable success of your business application, it would be worth to create one targeting wearables. For an Android app, you can seek an efficient Android app development firm and get a suitable application developed at an affordable price. There are several experienced and adroit professionals available out there. Thus, searching a resourceful service provider won't be an arduous task.

It is imperative to note that, although there are numerous wearables available in the market, most of them are either faulty or are not worth their price. For the folks who want to develop a wearable application to boost their business values, here are some of the best wearable devices for your consideration.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch has gained a great speculation ever since Apple has unveiled it back in 2014 alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Today, this advanced device is available in various countries, including America, United Kingdoms, to name a few. This device is compatible with iPhone and thus, fundamentally, an Apple Watch is an iPhone on your wrist.

  • Works with iPhone 5 and its higher iterations
  • Supports various useful applications like mail, messages, etc.
  • Available in a range of assorted, trendy bands
  • You can make calls or answer call straight from your wrist
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Designed keeping the Health care apps in mind
  • Quite expensive
  • The iPhone is required to be kept adjacent to the Apple Watch to ensure a flawless performance
  • You can add new contacts via your Apple Watch
  • Doesn't support GPS
Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge is an ultimate smart watch that is jam-packed with a slew of useful features. Its impressive appearance and superior functions are admired by many people. Equipped with high-end capabilities, this wearable offers an amazing control and is easily accessible straight from the wrist.

  • Its band is available in a mixture of hues that add to its captivating look and feel
  • Capable of tracking stairs, calories burned, steps, heart rate, and rest
  • Can be connected to a mobile phone, to support the caller ID functionality
  • Supports multiple mobile platforms, including Windows Phone, iOS and Android; you can search an Android app developer for hire to develop a compatible Android application.
  • Easy to use and intuitive LCD screen
  • Built-in GPS chipset
  • Its band is clunkier than its previous models
  • Not a cost effective gadget
  • Not associated with social networking
  • Battery life is not optimized – can last up to five hours only if multiple applications are running.
Samsung Gear VR

The latest Samsung Gear VR baits mobile devices. It is a Google-like headset that enables one to enjoy music, movies, recreations, amazing landscape, etc., anytime and anywhere. It works smoothly with the Samsung Note 4. However, you may choose its Innovator Edition that works proficiently with the Galaxy S6.


  • Although the price range varies with its various models, it's available at a reasonable amount
  • Compatible applications are also available for free
  • Comes complete with a zippered conveying case and a 16 GB memory card
  • Delivers brilliant performance in a virtual world


  • Work smoothly only with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 devices
  • Performance of apps is constrained due to the certain enticing features
  • Inconvenient to use
  • Its visual appearance is not appealing

This article has only uncovered three wearable devices, however, there is a wearable galore. I hope this will help you understand how wearable technology is flourishing and how it can be used to reach end user in a fabulous fashion.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Android M fit or just another FAD? Find Out

Android M is unveiled and as per it's preview it seems that it will undo the mishaps done by 'interruptions' mes of Lollipop. 

Android Lollipop's “interruptions” system created a lot of furore in the mobile world. The cause of all this ruckus was the basic mute functionality which came with choices such as "all," "priority" or "none." Android 5.1 though came up with some amendments in interruptions, making the the modes easier to comprehend and switch when a different mode is active. This was not well received by ordinary users as for them it was just another piece of technology which served a problem that did not even existed. 

Drave Burke at the recent Google I/O agreed that the volume tweaks in Lollipop were not well accepted. Wherefore, he promised to come up with a much simpler solution in their next OS release. This, I/O raised many eyebrows including various Android app development firm, as they bank on Google for a lot of things. 

Though, nothing is final as Android M is still a preview from the developers. However, there are several other new changes which we need to ponder over.
Let's find out! 

'Interruptions' is now 'Do Not Disturb'
Android M amalgamates the interruptions system and is tagged with the name of — Do Not Disturb. As per the developer preview, the new Do Not Disturb mode allows you to go to the mode via quick settings menu which is present in the notification shade. All you need to do is to just tap on the icon to switch to another mode.
  • Priority mode is similar to the Lollipop's functions. This let's you block all the unwanted calls baring a few whom you consider important.
  • Another feature named as Total silence blocks all the interruptions which includes the alarms as well.
  • One thing which is refreshing is M is the Alarms only mode which blocks interruptions except your alarms.
The developers preview showed that the mode switching option cannot be find in the settings of the app, wherein it is found in the quick settings.
If you will follow this path : Settings -> Sound & notification -> Do not disturb menu you will just be able to set the “Priority only” mode and get to access control over automatic Do Not Disturb rules. 

Note that the priority interruptions still exists 
One thing which was to be noted that priority interruptions were still there though were a little less prominent. To switch to the priority only mode you just need to go to the quick setting area, from where you can control sounds and message alters just by a tapping for once on the “more settings” option or you can follow this path Settings > Sound & notification > Do not disturb. This mode enumerates the option of each mode and also gives options to choose the time period in hours. 

It also leverages you to allow voice calls, text messages from each and every person on your contact list, or from every one irrespective of the fact that they are on you contact list or not, or only from particular contacts which you have starred. Along with this they have added the feature of priority mode which allows the call if the call is repeated within a time span of 15 minutes. 

Let's wait and watch whether Android M turns out to be MUTE or Magnificent. Well a lot of companies who are looking Android App Developer for Hire must be vigilant, so as to find out the most aware developers.

However, the preview did not gave an option to hop from one mode to another from the volume slider bar like the one we had in Lollipop. But switching modes is still quite simple , all you need to know where to see. 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Mobile App Designs That Are In Vogue This Year

When it comes to mobile applications, there are so many trends that we have observed capturing the industry with their styles and utilities. As the mobile application industry is growing at an astronomical pace, each year brings its own unique surprises when it comes to designing practices that will dictate the application development world. 

As we have entered the sixth month of 2015, we can still make some predictions about modern application design trends that will grab the attention of those who are a part of iOS or Android app development firm. In this year, we foresee many trends emerging in the application design realm. All of them have been updated to focus more on creating a less complicated user experience and designs that actually bind them emotionally. 

The article discusses some of the latest trends that will influence the application design industry. Just go through them and get ready to create top-notch mobile apps. 

1. Bold, beautiful and bigger images
The year 2015 will see an influx of high-quality images within your applications. The images should be beautiful and bigger enough to grab the attention of your users. While choosing an image, make sure it flaunts a pixel-perfect quality and loads fast for a flawless experience. 

2. Depth and weight
Flat design and minimalism will continue its rein in 2015, but with a subtle touch of skeuomorphism. On screen, the elements might look flat, but designers will create ways to breath life to them. UI components will be converted into flat symbols while transparency and layers will help you add depth. 

3. Navigation
Another striking trend you are going to watch is tiled navigation that helps you present your content using digestible “cards”. Here, images and their related information are tiled on a page. The tiles used have varying heights and are designed minimally to keep the user focused and engaged. The format is a gifted responsive design technique and gives you complete freedom to arrange your content in any way you like. 

4. The Rise of Monoline Fonts
Monoline fonts have gained a lot of popularity among those who hire Android app developer or iOS developer for creating readable apps. The font is mainly used in illustrations and gives applications a clean and crisp look. They are designed using line thickness by combining typography and illustrations. The font is already famous among application designers and is mainly used to create icons, logos, and more. 

5. Hidden Menus
Though mobile screens are getting larger, developers are yet to find a way that help them offer users an optimum level of working space. One solution for this problem is hidden menus. While creating a hidden menu, you offer opportunities to discover your app functionality in the best possible manner. Hiding buttons and components keep your screen clutter-free and make it look more appealing to the user. 

To Sum Up
Keeping yourself attune to the latest designs and application practices is essential to confirm your success and stay ahead of the curve. Make sure you bookmark this page, so that you'll bound to remember them.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Android Studio vs Eclipse: Which One Should You Choose?

Android captures over 76.6% of the Smartphone market share. And so, it's pretty obvious that creating an Android app can help make your brand reach out to a wider base of your target users. However, with millions of applications available in the app store, it becomes horrendously challenging to get your app noticed by users. Fortunately, there are great tools out there that provides ease to businesses in developing applications, such as Android Studio, Eclipse and several others.

Many developers using Android Studio also make use of Eclipse when they need to work on outsource Android App Development projects and so on. But, if you need to create an app and require using more than 3 projects, then you will have to clean up your workspace and restart the Eclipse at frequent intervals (i.e. 2 or 3 minutes). Besides, you are required to close all your active applications, before releasing an app, as Eclipse crash quite often. Thankfully, Android Studio (or AS) proves a useful resource for developers seeking to have a more stable development platform than the Eclipse IDE.

Nowadays every mobile application development company are using Android Studio as it helps in accelerating the Android app development process, and make it more simplified. Through this article, we'll be discussing three main factors where Android Studio proves a better option than Eclipse:

1. Integration With Gradle: Is it Good or Bad?

One of the best things about Android Studio is that it comes integrated with the popular Gradle build system. Eclipse, on the other hand, utilizes Apache Ant build system based on XML that many Java developers are aware of. But, in case you have plans on opting for Eclipse, it is recommended that you should have a glimpse of Gradle's features and see whether it suits your project needs.

2. Which One Scores Better as an User Interface (UI)?

The rate at which people hire Android app developer is increasing, and so, when using any platform for the development process it makes sense to choose one with a better UI. No doubt, Eclipse user interface let you work with almost anything. In fact, it allows you to work with several things like graphics, content, videos and much more. However, so many things can be overwhelming and leads to confusion, especially when you're using the Eclipse IDE for the first time. In contrast, working with Android Studio is a bit easier. It lets you work with its tools and menu items in an effortless way compared to Eclipse.

3. Which Performs Better Code Completion?

As a developer, often you may have to work on projects that requires writing lots of code. This is where the code completion features come in handy, as it helps in speeding up the coding process. Both Eclipse, as well as, Android Studio come with code auto completion feature. However, it has been observed that AS helps generate more precise code in comparison to Eclipse.

Wrapping Up!

Android Studio is becoming the most preferred platform used for developing mobile applications than Eclipse. But, if you are still confused which one of these two platforms will prove a better choice, then reading the aforementioned key points will definitely help you come to the right conclusion.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Tips And Tricks To Create An Impeccable Mobile App Design

As the advanced technology is steadily buttressing its roots in the business arena, mobile devices play an integral role. For this reason, businesses are rapidly embracing a mobile solution. Designing a successful app that can benefit your business by delivering outstanding performance is not a child's play.

In this mobile age, companies are already into a fierce competition, while endeavoring a sustainable success to their business with a highly interactive, intuitive and trendy application. If you really want to augment your customer base and boost your business values, it is worthy to hire Android app developer and get a desired application developed with a great precision. For the folks who are wondering “why Android platform”, there are various compelling reasons that make this mobile OS a viable choice for most of the users and developers, and thus, for businesses; one reason being king of the market shares (over 80% of total market shares), it is most widely used platform.
There are already truckloads of apps available in the mobile market and many are entering the market at this very moment. Thus, to make your app stand out of the pool of applications, I have compiled a few tips and tricks that must be considered while designing a mobile app. These tips will help you efficiently cater to your users need and thus, allow you to maintain loyal user by leveraging your business.

Let's have a look into them.

1. Don't forget to include social sharing

Social sharing buttons will help you conveniently promote your business while enticing your potential users. This offers the best way to market your app, as if a user likes it, he will most probably share it with his friends. And, providing a built-in button for will make sharing a breeze and encourage your app users to share their experience with others. This is definitely a cost effective way to create more users for your app.

2. Target Audience

This step is primarily important and therefore, must be considered while planning your app. Thoroughly research the market and review your competitors to seek a powerful mobile platform and determine your target audience base that can amazingly enhance your profits. As mentioned above, Android possess a wider user base while iOS is currently dominating Android by generating greater revenue. The choice completely yours, streamline your choice by keeping your business goals in mind.

3. Make your users visit your app time and again

Attracting users to download your app is only the first step. A surefire app design that is frequently updated with the ever fluctuating design trends and incessantly growing users' need can help you attract a whopping number of users back to app. It, thus, ensures loyal customers. This is why it is often recommended to outsource Android app development or iOS aap development, whatever is needed to ensure a unique and appealing design to captivate your users. There are several experienced and adept professionals available out there, who offer valuable mobile development services at competitive price; so you can easily seek a suitable one for your project.

4. Take your customer feedback into account

If you want to transform your application into a prolific marketing tool, it is essential to determine the way users interact with your app. This can be done with the help of analytics; you must review your users' behavior regularly, to better understand what they are looking for and how they are using your app. While making things simple, easily navigable and intuitive, it is beneficial to create something highly usable and functional.

By keeping these tips in mind while planning and designing an application, one can proficiently design a prolific app to heighten his profits and brand value.