Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Why You Need to Hire an Android App Developer?

 Over the years, the demand for Android development is growing steadily and many business organizations are taking the advantage of this golden opportunity to tap into the new revenue streams for better results. Smartphones and tablets are where customers live today and they are constantly taking phones as multipurpose devices. Such dramatic increase in the use of mobile phones has produced a new avenue for businesses to promote themselves through mobile-ready applications that enable them to perform their business activities at any time and location.

The future of Android apps has great potential, since, it has become a conglomeration of so many useful things, these apps have the potential to provide both hedonistic motivation and experiential value to its users. Android app development sounds like a great idea. If done right, executed well, it will fetch great benefits to any firm. Due to these reasons, various leading brands are hiring Android apps development company to promote their products and services via mobile phones. Also, the mobile-assisted applications help customers to obtain information regarding any product and help them to make informed decisions in real time.

There are number of Android development companies available today and there is no denying of the fact that Android keeps on adding the largest pool of developers every single day. These programmers efficiently help you and fulfill all your requirements. Depending on your business goals, time needs to spend, and the way you want to align your brand name with your customers, they help you in creating a framework of your app, which is timely, decisive, and task-oriented.

So, here are five reasons in favor of hiring the services of an application development firm:

1. Vast Experience in the Area of Android Development:

Updating and following the latest trend have become priorities of businesses today. Hence, experienced and skilled programmers are required, which help you to create innovative, unique, and user-friendly apps. By hiring the services of the mobile app development company, you will be benefited with the experience these developers hold in their fields. Since knowledge can lead to a successful app development project, these professionals help you in building effective and creative applications, websites, and games.

2. Allow companies to focus on their core activities:

It is very essential for every enterprise to focus on its core competencies. If mobile app development is not your core business, then outsourcing is much a better option. When any enterprise outsource its project to some reliable companies, it can use its in-house resources to work on its core business area.

3. Cost-effective and measurable:

One of the best advantages of outsourcing mobile development company option  is   
that it is very cost-effective. The company by adopting a collaborative approach with its client and team mates, ensure minimum flaws during the development process. This also gives the advantage of customizing the app as per your choice as well as future trends.

4. Precise Android Solutions:

A development firm has skillful professionals at hand who fully understand the nuances of technology, they work efficiently to deliver best end results. They understand your needs perfectly and present you with the best Android solutions in the areas such as mobile commerce, social networking integration, business applications, and much more.

5. 24x7 Assistance:

The professional development firms build regular communication while working on a project in order to create a strong work relation between the client. They share their work thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and knowledge on a continuous basis to offer quality results. Through regular communication, they create a flexible structure where alterations can be made easily and on time.

As the Google Android application market is getting huge popularity among the masses, it has also increased the scope for mobile application developers, by providing them an opportunity to create apps which attempts to minimize time and maximize convenience. It is really beneficial to get in touch with professional programmers as they provide best possible solutions for all your needs.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Get FIFA Updates with unbeatable iPhone Application Development

Various iOS Application Development Services leveraging Soccer fans all around the world have reason to celebrate, since the FIFA World Cup '14 in Brazil has begun. People from every corner of the world are cheering for their favorite teams and are constantly glued to their television and mobile devices to catch their favorite players playing in the big tournament.

Now, there are more ways to get in touch with the FIFA action and that is through Android and iOS apps launched by Apple and Google. These apps bring life to the game with stunning graphics and outstanding features so that fans can experience the passion of the sport like never before.

So, here is the list of top iOS apps designed to keep you informed about anything related to FIFA'14

1. The FIFA Official App

The FIFA Official App is a must-have for the soccer fanatics that provides a perfect mobile platform for the users of both Android and iOS. The app keeps you updated with the match alerts of your favorite teams and allow you to follow all the action of the game in the Global Stadium.

2. Forza Football

The Forza Football app is great to get live score updates on your mobile. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the app gives minute-by-minute details of every match, give push notifications, opinion polls, and video highlights. Being a live scorer app, it provides a collective opinion of fans from all around the world.

3. ESPN FC & World Cup

The ESPN FC & World Cup app is the perk of iOS Development Companies which is the perfect choice to follow all the action and spirit of the game live. The app delivers comprehensive coverage of all the major leagues by providing video highlights, news, opinions, and personalized reports. The app provides a great place to go for team analysis and commentary. And the best thing is, it is free to download.

4. Brazil- World Soccer Finals

This app is only available for iOS with a cost of $ 0.99. The app provides latest match schedules, statistics, and latest natch updates. Users can also get information regarding the city, match venue locations, field formation, and player information.

5. Travel Portuguese Football Edition

Even if you're lucky enough to be in Brazil and catch all the action live, you must not be knowledgeable enough to be familiarized with game technicalities in Portuguese. The Travel Portuguese Football Edition can be customized as per your requirement and for this you simply need to Hire iPhone Programmers so that it can help you visiting different nations to get familiarized with the local language terminologies. The app provides basic lessons of the language to help visitors to navigate through local transport, restaurants, hotels, top destination places, and much more.

So, get ready to hit the download button and install the app that should indulge you into the World Cup spirit.

Monday, 9 June 2014

4 Stunning iPhone Apps for News Updates

With the assistance of iPhone app Development Companies, staying abreast with the latest news will a common trait of every human being. We all want to be familiar with everything that's happening in different parts of the world. Thanks to the continuous advancements in technology, we now have iPhones that enable us to keep a good track of latest news, both general as well as industry-specific. Well, in order to gain access to a wealth of news, you need to install a good news app into your device. In this blog, I bring to you a collection of 4 awesome news apps that are specially designed for iPhone users. So, let's start and explore more about these iPhone news apps.

iPhone News App#1-AP Mobile

With over 1 million active users, AP Mobile is the most accurate and comprehensive app designed for iPhone users who want to gain a quick access to both, local as well as global news. With this app installed in your device, you can select stories from trusted broadcasters and local newspapers to combine the same with the best of AP's photos, videos and international coverage.

iPhone News App#2-NYTimes

Installing NYTimes into your iPhone will keep you in touch with all the latest news from the New York Times. You can use this app for reading articles and viewing pictures even while being offline. MYTimes comes with an International Edition that includes global news from over 50 bureaus across the globe. The best part of this app is that you can even save articles to be revisited later on any other iPhone device.

iPhone News App#3-Bloomberg

Various iPhone App Development Companies offering Bloombery; an app the that renders you a comprehensive access to global business and finance news. From receiving stock quotes to personalizing important information, you can do all this and much more with the Bloomberg iPhone app. The best asset of this app is that you can easily use it for sharing articles using your email, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

iPhone News App#4- ABC News

ABC News is the iPhone app that keeps you updated with the latest news from dusk till dawn. You can use this app for reading stories and watching videos from your favorite ABC News shows which include World News, Good Morning America, Nightline, World News, 20/20 and This Week.

Hope by now you'd have chosen your pick. All the aforementioned iPhone news apps designed by skilled iPhone application developers have proved beneficial both, for the news junkies as well as the individuals who are just interested in staying informed about the current events. I'm sure these apps would definitely aid you in staying up to date with both, national and international articles, videos,  audios and all the breaking news alerts.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

3 Android App Development Factors Every Technophobe Must Be Aware Of

Today almost every individual knows about the power of Android mobile operating system. As a matter of fact, it has become the most coveted OS powering hundreds to millions of mobile devices worldwide. Moreover, inclusion of applications makes Android powered devices even more popular. The Android apps are used by people across the world, as it renders more personalized and engaging computing experience. So, if you are a business owner ruminating about developing your own application, but fear building one because of lack of technical knowledge and skills below are 3 key factors you must be familiar with.
Determine Your App Needs
Before beginning the development process it's important to understand the type of application you wish to built. Who will be your target customers? In addition, try to make out – how it will look when accessed via different devices?
Simply put, it's good to create a sketch of the app you are yearning to develop. Making a prototype is a great way that let you add newfangled and creative ideas to your product as you proceed. However, make sure not to get sidetracked from your original concept of building an app.
Who's Building It?
If you have a great design idea but can't code your way to develop one, you should opt for Mobile Apps Development Services. There are a plethora of choices that you'll come across when deciding to take up such services, that is, you can either choose a freelancer or a development company.

Freelancer: Employing freelancers is the least-expensive option to get your product built. However, when hiring one you'll be in charge of the project. Put simply, you will be the project manager and your associates will blame you directly if the project gets haywire, rather than criticizing the freelancer. In order to ensure the authenticity of your project and to get assured of choosing the right freelancer make certain to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Elance, Guru etc are few sites and the best place to initiate your search for credible freelancers.
Development Company: Another option is to employ Android App Development Company. The best part is that here the company will be in charge of the entire project. And your job will be limited to defining their roles and reviewing the progress of the development venture. Thus, going for this option will be a huge time saver – unfettering you to look after other essential business aspects.
Along with creating a prototype as discussed earlier, make sure to construct a specification documents outlining the purpose of building the applications and who will be the target audience. Getting your facts right will help your service partner deploy desired results.
Test and Promote It!
The last and the most crucial factor requires testing a bug-free app and promoting it. Now, you can't risk your application getting crashed at the time of its launch. So, make sure that the individual or the Mobile Development Company you have hired test the developed product to ensure an error-free one. Lastly, with dozens of apps out there in the Google Play store, promoting Android applications can get you an edge in the wobbly app market flooded with several other apps.

To conclude, following the aforementioned factors will even help technophobes build a great Android app to promote their business among greater number of mobile users.