Monday, 27 April 2015

Why You Should Hire Mobile App Development Company and How

Just like individuals, businesses are favoring mobile phones than desktop computers to be able to perform their tasks even on the move. But apart from using mobile devices, a business can also leverage mobile app, as it will help them expand their reach to a large audience. Moreover, rather than making your site compatible for several mobile devices, giving your customers access to your personalized business app will make it easy for them to view your service and offerings.

Remember, merely having a business app won't help you bring the attention of your target audience towards it. The reason is simple, there are a dozen of applications available in the app marketplace that resembles your business specific needs. And so, to establish your foothold in the app industry, you need to come up with an out of box app solution that gives you a trump hand over your competitors. You can achieve such an objective by looking out for skilled and experienced mobile app developers for hire. Luckily, there are many companies backed by proficient developers dedicatedly working to help clients acquire result-driven app solutions.

Taking professional assistance can convert your dream of building a winning app a success. Whether you want to have an Android app or an iOS mobile application, a reputed development firm can address your diverse app related needs without much hassle. That's because, they follow best practices and have the required skill set needed for developing a unique app model tailored to your needs. In fact, they contain the tools essential for mobile application development.

What's more? A well-recognized mobile app development company having a  good market standing will deliver quality solutions as they won't like to risk their reputation. Additionally, such a company will not just help you complete building an application for you, but can also help in getting it published. So, now that you have come to know about the significance of employing the services of a company involved in developing mobile applications, you'll certainly want to know how you can find the most suitable one.

Let's have a glance at some key tips you must pay heed to while searching for the right development firm:

Good Programming Skills. A developer with good coding skills will help build an application writing clean and organized code that will boost its performance. Moreover, they will create it following ethical standards and coding guidelines, making it easy to manage the code in the future. So, make sure that the company is backed by skilled programmers.

App Approval Rate. It is important that the applications created by your choice of company have been published in an app store. Also, do check out that the app approval rate is more than the rejected ones.

Versatility. Let's say, at present you want to build an Android app. But, you may feel the need to have an iOS or any other app as well. By choosing a service provider having experience of developing diverse types of mobile applications will save you from spending your valuable time in searching for a reliable development partner again.


Hope that this article will help clear your doubts about why you should choose an application development company and how. 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Look At The Basics Of Mobile Application Development

The demand for mobile applications continues to rise, and thus app development is a necessity that businesses must embrace. However, since the competition in the marketplace (i.e. app store) is increasing, as more and more applications are being developed each day, it becomes needful for businesses to come up with a unique product. But, developing an app requires plenty of time and efforts, and this makes it difficult for businesspersons focus on other crucial business aspects.

The best way to create a successful mobile application that help you stand apart from the competitors is to take up mobile app development services of a reputed firm. No matter whether you are building an app on your own, or hiring a professional below are a few basics of designing and developing an application you must be aware of:

1. Focus on Creating User-Centered Design: Following the User-Centered Design (UCD) approach is an effective way to build a winning app. A UCD pays attention to users from the very beginning, and thereby ensures that users are comfortable with using the product. In order to create a user-centered design, you need to first identify the problems of your users. For this, place yourself in your customer's shoes to get an idea of their expectations, and to see the issues they may encounter.

2. Designing for Multiple Platforms: Just as you may know, there are different Smartphone manufacturers in the market. While some develop phones with Android OS, a few others build Apple's iOS-enabled devices, and so on. Put it simply, it has become more important – of not necessary – to build mobile applications that can be easily accessed across multiple platforms. But, before starting with the development process or launching an application, you must decide whether you want to develop a native (i.e. app for specific platform) or web (i.e. cross-platform app) application. In addition, thoroughly test your end-product for bugs. If you cannot perform any of these tasks effectively, it is advisable that you must hire Android app developer.

3. Multiple Hardware Configurations: Once you have decided on the type of application, you want to build your next step requires considering creating an app for multiple hardware configurations. Especially, when it comes to building an Android-app, you must consider how your app will look great regardless of the mobile hardware is used for accessing it. In case you have hired developers, then make sure that they must thoroughly study the device prior to beginning with the app design and development.

4. Add Mobile Capabilities Not Available on a Desktop: The best way to make your app successful is to add capabilities that are missing in a PC or a desktop system. For instance, using the camera on your mobile, you can snap “images” or "signatures” for searching what you have been looking for, instantly.

Wrapping Up!

With the continuous rise in mobile devices, the need for applications is also increasing. Moreover, more and more users are becoming inclined towards mobile app usage. This clearly indicates that is important for businesses to create their own app.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Steer Clear These Mistakes While Building a Mobile App

Mobile application development is gaining momentum with each passing day and it shows no clear signs of being supplanted. The growth of mobile applications has allowed businesses to establish a relevant connection with their customers. App development has become an integral part of their marketing strategy as it provides them with more creative ways to adapt to the changing customer demands.

However, as technology continues to take strides towards new concepts and development principles rapidly, there's more room for developers to make mistakes during the process. These slip-ups can waste all the efforts and time invested by iPhone or Android app development companies or individual developers. If you are a beginner who is planning to developing your first application, make sure you avoid these common destructive errors, so that nothing can hold you back.

1. Adding Unnecessary Features

Developers in their rush to “go mobile” try to include too many features and think they are doing a great service for their users. Adding unnecessary features can only complicate your users rather than impressing them. It's always necessary that you design an app that makes your users' life easier. A mobile application should be simple, innovation, and engaging. It should provide them with the broadest range of options, but in a friendly and purposeful manner. An application loses its relevance if it has too many features.

2. Building an App in the Absence of a Proper Marketing Strategy

Building application and launching it to the app store isn't enough. Developing a successful mobile application calls for an appropriate marketing strategy that acts as a base for promoting it. While developing a strategy, make sure you analyze the key players in the category, the name of your app, and audience you are targeting. Also, treat the app description as a marketing channel to convey it in an engaging manner. Tell your audience what your app has to offer, what is it all about, and what purpose does it serve. This can be a great strategy to attract a large pool of users instantly.

3. Targeting Multiple Platforms in the First Attempt

Developers should avoid developing apps for multiple platforms in the first go. They should first invest their time focusing on a single platform and then switch to another. In case any deviation occurs, it can be on the same platform right off the bat.

4. Poor UI/UX Decisions

Your application design should be beautiful, responsive, and intuitive enough to provide a pleasurable experience to its users. While using an app, users expect certain actions or responses when clicking on a button or sliding their fingers across the screen. So, in order to develop such kind of apps, you must consider the importance of UX and UI design. It's a critical factor entrepreneurs needs to take into account whenever they proceed to hire Android app developer or iOS developer. An application developer must understand the user behavior and take design decisions accordingly. Your design should be focused on providing a seamless user experience to improve conversion performance. Try to understand the likes and dislikes of your users. Read their reviews to learn about their pains point to come up with a successful design.

5. Avoiding Flexibility

It is important to develop a mobile application which has some scope for future upgrades. Upgrading is a continuous process; and it is only possible if your app is flexible enough to include it.

To Conclude

Avoiding the above mentioned pitfalls will help you designing applications that promise to make your customer's life easier. Ignoring them you can embrace mobility and learn more efficient way of developing applications.
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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Mobile App Testing to keep The Security Threats At Bay

In this advanced mobile age, we can perform almost any task via our mobile device. Whether you want to shop something or want to pay your electricity and telephone bills, everything can be accomplished smoothly through mobile. While mobiles have evolved as a blessing in this modern era, there are certain crucial things that must be considered. 

Like any program, a mobile application is also vulnerable to security threats. And, since apps are extensively used for sharing and storing critical data, it has become quite essential to ensure the utmost security to mobile applications. This makes it more than imperative for developers consider mobile app security testing. There are several iOS and Android app development companies that offer app testing services to make sure that all the sensitive data used via the app is secure. 

By hiring testing services, you can analyze the threat and seek a solution to protect app against threats. However, it is quite hard for one to conduct a test without having any awareness about security. 

What are the app security vulnerabilities
The app development processes widely accept the practice of implementing open source code for different features. This saves a heck of a lot of code development time and resources. For this benefit, developers prefer third-party libraries and codes. For understanding the level of security embraced by your application, there are several concerns and license restrictions associated with third-party codes. However, the reported security threats can be avoided by subscribing to security updates. Thus, you can kick around and identify the reported security concerns. But, the security threats that are unreported and associated with proprietary code extensions or technological advancements can cause severe issues in app technology. 

Prime concern for an enterprise

Surveys and stats have depicted that in 2015, the majority apps would not even pass the basic security tests due to the poor business related security standards. There are several consequences that can impact companies because the sensitive business data and networks heightens the risk of violating the policies. 

Updating security tests

The technological evolution in app development demands the vendors of static and dynamic app security testing to update their tests for mobile apps. By including the behavioral analysis testing to observe the background and GUI applications, the security testing can be heightened and risky behavior can be identified with a flair. 

For instance, you van hire Android app developer for developing a safe and secure Android application. The servers and enterprise apps that are linked to mobile devices are persistently tested and secured to ensure a surefire development. Since there is no dearth of applications in the market, the consumers and involved enterprises are responsible for the security. You can ensure a surefire app for any platform with a secured interface by accomplishing the task by seeking expert guidance. 

The apps that are passed through a robust and reliable security testing (accomplished by professionals) make offer a secure mobile application for enterprises and customers. Therefore, it is advisable to frequently test softwares and apps via some effective source.