Thursday, 18 December 2014

iOS 8.2 & 8.3 in testing phase: Why Is Apple Accelerating Its Development Process

There is a slight difference in the usual development schedule that Apple generally follows with its major iOS release and their follow ups.

It has become a trend for Apple to release the major iOS version each fall and deliver its further iterations in the following year. However, it seems to be a different case for the Apple iOS 8.

Although, Apple has unveiled the iOS 8 in this fall, but Google analytics have shown that users have used the iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3 devices to access the Internet in the month of September 2014 only. Today, the iOS 8.1 version is already out there, and other two major versions can be released in the coming few weeks. There is a confirm news that iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3 have been developed and are running in their testing phase.

The simultaneous development of iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3 causes numerous possibilities. Let's have a look at them.

1. As per the current iPhone mobile applications development trend. the major softwares are released in the fall each year alongside its latest hardware. However with this trend, Apple has faced drawbacks more than the benefits. For instance,

With iOS 6, which was unveiled alongside the iPhone 5, buggy Apple Maps application has ruined the user expectations.
The design of iOS 7 was polished six months after its release with the iPhone 5S.
The iPhone 6 was released alongside iOS 8 that needed a lot of bug fixes and had the HealthKit that was not functional.

Probably to avoid such issues in the future, Apple is releasing the further iterations of iOS 8 so early. This will help deliver better software to the apple hardware (including the iPhone and iPad) that will be revealed in 2015.

2. Another possibility could be that Apple simply wanted to continue with the trend and will be revealing another major version, iOS 9 in the fall next year. And, it just wanted to release the iterations of iOS 8 before that in the year 2015.

3. There are a few features introduced by iOS or iPhone application developers that were leaked earlier this year like enhanced Apple Maps, which was expected to be available with the iOS 8. But, due to some internal conflicts these, Apple has not introduced this feature alongside the iOS 8. Moreover, an Apple iOS 8 update is needed to support the NFC service, in order to activate the Apple Pay service. Furthermore since, the Apple Watch has been scheduled for the early 2015, an iOS 8 update will be needed to support that as well.

Hence, it is clear that there is not only one possibility behind the change in the usual development schedule of Apple softwares. While people are wondering the possible reason for this change, there are numerous speculation on its new offerings as well. Whatever the reason would be, the performance of the iOS 8 is only going to improve with its each iteration. And, one thing is for sure that Apple fans would love to reap its amazing offers before the time.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

iOS 8 - A lot more than a mere Apple operating system version

Apple has always been making continuous efforts to fulfill the customized requirements of its end users. Whether it's about enlarging the size of its iPhones or installing a sapphire screen; Apple has always received several applauds for its seamless efforts. The innovative versions of iOS have introduced a lot of flexibility into the entire iOS app development arena. Witnessed as a major shift in the way iOS apps function, iOS8 has been introduced with out-of-the-box features that are surely going to impress the many families of Apple consumers residing in different corners of the world. Through this blog, I'll be offering you an insight into some of the noticeable iOS8 features that will definitely imbibe a new zeal into worldwide Apple fans.

Touch ID - A brand new security feature available in iOS8 powered iPhones/iPads
Quite similar to the iPhone 5s's fingerprint scanner feature, Apple's iOS8 is equipped with the Touch ID feature that allows the third-party apps to be installed into your device without resulting into a security breach. As an attempt to boost corporate data access on a granular level, Apple has introduced the Touch ID feature which works as the best tool for building access cards, medical sensors etc., thereby helping in leveraging maximum benefit from Apple's hardware-secured biometric system.

Handoff - A brilliant tool for collaborating Apple Watch apps and iPhone apps

Handoff serves as a remarkable technology just like various iPhone App Development Companies does. This technology aids Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct for allowing a Mac user to enjoy a multitude of benefits that are missing in the traditional iPads and iPhones. With Handoff, you can turn your attention from the device to the actual workflow. Regarded as one of the finest means of connecting different apps across iOS devices and Mac; Handoff is likely to be introduced in many other iOS and OSX enabled devices.

Siri - Apple's voice-based assistant
Serving as a key interface to not just iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches but even to a lot of devices that use HealthKit and HomeKit; Siri has emerged as Apple's prime voice-based assistant. In the current liquid computing environment of Apple, having a feature like Siri definitely turns to be major power booster for your device. Offering the convenience of interacting with more objects, Siri has become a fundamental aspect of Apple's strategy to grow its customerbase on a global scale.

Extensions- Playing a pivotal role in changing the nature of an iOS application

Apple's iOS8 is loaded with plugins and extensions that serve as systemwide resources for use by the iOS applications. Serving as effective alternative keyboards and tools for integrating social media into the iOS's Share sheet; these extensions are being thoroughly explored by opting to Hire iPhone App Developer from India, both the amateurs as well as professionals. The iOS8 extensions has been the backbone of major changes that have taken place in the iOS app functioning arena.  

So that's it for now. Hope the details mentioned above would have helped you learn a lot about the exclusive nature of iOS8 and it's built-in features that make it stand out amongst the already existing iOS versions.

Friday, 10 October 2014

5 Reasons Your Decision To Downgrade From iOS8 to iOS7 Is Correct

Even though iOS8 has been introduced with some revolutionary features, there are Apple product consumers who're thinking about downgrading to iOS7. Well, a number of reasons support this decision of the iPhone/iPad/iTouch users. Through this blog, I'll be talking about the basic flaws in iOS8 that have encouraged iOS users to downgrade from the recently released iOS8 version to the old and outdated iOS7.

So, let's cover the major issues in iOS8

1. A critical bug in the HealthKit framework
Companies that are involved in offering mobile app development services have been extremely bothered about developing health-care iPhone and iPad apps. These app developers have been tremendously disappointed by the all-new iOS8. The reason for this being the existence of a critical bug in the HealthKit framework that's been the key factor behind the break down of all HealthKit compatible iPhone and iPad applications. A huge majority of HealthKit app developers have actually been forced to take down their apps from numerous app stores.

2. A new breed of bug causing issues with organization of photos under the Moments section of the device
iOS8 is equipped with a new breed of bug wherein critical issues have been detected with the organization of photos under Moments. This bug has resulted into undue compatibility issues with apps including Carousel and Dropbox. iOS8 users are finding it hard to properly upload their photos and videos to different online storage servers.

3. Constant complaints about the broken feature of photo and video uploading
In iOS8, the photo and video file uploading feature is apparently broken. That means, users have been facing issues in uploading files and folders using the Safari web browser. If you're looking ahead to choose iOS app developers for hire then ensure that the one you've shortlisted for meeting your app development needs is fully competent in designing apps both for iOS7 and iOS8.

4. Inaccurate functioning of the iOS8 Spotlight preferences or settings
Currently, the Spotlight preferences or settings aren't working accurately. In other words, users aren't able to activate the Spotlight suggestions and Bing web results using Settings-> General-> Spotlight Search. This is mainly because the Spotlight Search option is detected as inactive or disabled.

5. Blue Screen of Death
The very popular Blue Screen of Death(BSOD) bug has now entered into Apple's iOS8 firmware. Users have been frequently experiencing random OS crashes along with blue screens popping out of nowhere. Primarily prominent on iPads, the Blue Screen of Death issue has been causing a lot of frustration to users who've the latest iOS8 installed in their device. A possible solution to get rid of the Blue Screen of Death bug is to downgrade to the iOS7 version.

With all those bugs existing in iOS8, it's a wise decision to downgrade to iOS7. I'm sure if you too are currently running your device on iOS8 then you'll probably find it beneficial to switch to the older version of iOS7. So, what's refraining you from choosing this downgrade process. Simply go ahead with it and witness a noticeable improvement in your overall iOS experience.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Mobility - What's its role in boosting business profitability?

The world of business has been constantly undergoing innovations. With new technologies being introduced on a daily basis, entrepreneurs are finding it tiring to keep up with their competitors. Thanks to the rise of mobile apps, it has now become possible for small-scale as well as large-scale entrepreneurs to increase their mobility and profit rate by a huge bound. This blog of mine highlights the incredibly amazing digital surge that has been created by the mobile applications.

Mobility- How it grows the business profit rate?

One of the greatest reasons behind the increased adoption of digital technologies is the aspect of mobility that's introduced into the business processes. With companies in a constant rush to avail the multiple benefits of mobile technology, it won't be wrong to say that the forthcoming generations would definitely continue to leverage the best potential of the mobile devices and the mobile applications. The forthcoming businesses will continue to hire professional Mobile Apps Development Services for building outstanding mobile business apps.

Here's a list of the ways in which mobility can actually fuel the growth rate of numerous business organizations:

1. Revamping existing apps for retaining customers

Companies can choose to improve their already-published mobile apps for retaining the attention of existing customers. By re-working on the already-popular apps, these firms can easily improve the interaction between the brand and the clients via the smartphone.

2. Investing in development of wearable device applications

Wearable devices such as Apple iWatch, Google Glass etc. have created waves in the digital world. Businesses can take a quick advantage of this popularity of wearable devices by developing apps for the same. By incorporating extensive functionality into the wearable device apps, business organizations can turn successful in grabbing the attention of targeted customers. They can choose android or iOS App Developers for hire purpose and ask him to deliver an app that can work on any wearable device.

3. Launch of new mobile apps can turn advantageous

The desire to introduce new mobile apps has helped companies in meeting the needs of varied customers. These apps have worked as amazing tools for increasing the mobile presence of a brand and reaching out to the desired consumers. New apps entice both, potential as well as old clients, thereby helping the company improve its business profits.

4. Gathering customer insights can turn to be simple

With an enormous number of consumers accessing the internet via their mobile devices, developing effective mobile apps serves as an excellent way of gathering the feedback of clients regarding a specific product or service. With a genuine customer feedback, you can easily improve the quality of your products and services to suit the tastes of consumers.

5. Keeping the customers updated about a newly launched product/service becomes convenient and hassle-free
Last, but definitely not the least, an investment into mobile app development serves as a beneficial method for keeping the customers updated about a brand new product/service that has been launched by an organization/firm. You can send quick notifications/alerts via the app and inform the existing customers about the innovative deals available on your products/services.

Wrapping Up

Considering all the aforementioned points, we can easily say that mobility will continue to play its vital role in empowering businesses for a better, brighter and a profit-oriented business future.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Detailed insight into adding mobile support for a website

Since the last few years, mobile web usage has considerably increased to a point where web designers and developers can't afford to ignore its significance. The gradual shift from web to mobile has fueled the need for faster broadband connections and affordable data network service. People have actually starting skipping over purchasing PCs and opted directly for the mobile phones. Those of you who own a website and want to equip the same with mobile support are definitely in luck. The reason being that you've landed on the right post which tells you everything about building a website that's compatible with multiple mobile platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone etc. So, let's get started now!

Mobile Stylesheets- How to implement them?
Well, the very first step to adding mobile support to a website is the incorporation of a special stylesheet that would be used for adjusting the CSS for the mobile devices. Here's a brief on different methods that are used for implementing the mobile stylesheets:

Server-side method and the UA String

As per this method and while being indulged with iPhone Application Development Services, you need to detect the user agent string with the help of a server-side language such as PHP. Using the server-side method, your site will detect the mobile devices and either serve as a related stylesheet or get the user redirected to a mobile sub-domain. The server-side approach to adding stylesheets guarantees highest level of mobile compatibility in addition to allowing the website to render mark-up/content to the users accessing it via their smartphones. This technique works as the best solution for enterprise level websites.

Client-side method and media queries
As the second method of implementing mobile stylesheets, you can choose to detect the mobile device on the client side. Here, you can take the advantage of the mobile stylesheet's media type, for example:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="site.css" media="screen" />
<link rel="stylesheet" href="mobile.css" media="handheld" />
As per the above code, two stylesheets have been included viz: site.css which targets desktops and laptops that use the screen media type and mobile.css which targets mobile devices that use handheld. The only issue with this approach is that older mobile devices support the handheld media type while others simply disable the screen stylesheets and load only the handheld. While a majority of newer mobile devices have already done away with handheld distinction, for saving the users' fully-featured web pages, you need to use media queries. These allow you to target styles to fit the device width. Since mobile devices usually have smaller screens, you can target handheld devices by detecting screens that have a width of 480px and less.

Hybrid approach

Since most of mobile devices don't support media queries, you'll need to opt for a hybrid approach for fetching maximum market penetration. Here, first define two stylesheets as explained below:
 screen.css- this has everything for the normal browsers
antiscreen.css- this is used for overwriting any styles that you don't want to show on the mobile devices.
After defining the two stylesheets, tie them together in another stylesheet core.css as explained below:
@import url("screen.css");
@import url("antiscreen.css") handheld;
@import url("antiscreen.css") only screen and
Once you're done with the above process, define another stylesheet handheld.css and link the two stylesheets on the page as shown below:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="core.css" media="screen"/>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="handheld.css" media="handheld,
only screen and (max-device-width:480px)"/>

What all to change with mobile stylesheets?
After having implemented the mobile stylesheets, its time to talk about the styles that you would actually want to change. Here's a list of few changes that you can do to your mobile stylesheets:

Altering the screen layout

As per this, you can choose to Hire Dedicated iPhone Developer to reduce the multi-column layouts to single columns. With most of the mobile screens being vertical, adjusting the horizontal space becomes even more crucial. You must reduce the clutter available throughout the page by simply setting display: none; on some less important elements. Finally, choose to save additional pixels by simply reducing the margins and creating a tighter layout.

Reducing the Bandwidth
Yet another brilliant change that you can do for your mobile stylesheets is reducing the bandwidth for slower mobile networks. Here, you need to remove or replace any large background images used throughout the website. Lastly, set the display: none for any unnecessary content images used in the web pages. Likewise, if your website is using any images for buttons or navigation, consider replacing the same with plain text or their CSS counterparts.

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With the continuous shift towards the mobile era, handheld device has become an absolute necessity. Here's hoping this blog would have left you with both the zest as well as the tool-set that's necessary for making mobile support a 'Dream that came true' for your website.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

iPhone Development Tutorial- The best approach towards developing stunning apps

Nowadays, iPhones have become one of the best utilized tools for telecommunication as well as for performing a wide spectrum of multimedia operations. iPhone app development has outgrown as one of the most lucrative fields of career for individuals who possess a great deal of interest in amalgamating creative ideas and opinions about the ever-changing technology. In this article, I'll be throwing some light on how following an appropriate iPhone Development tutorial can aid you in developing apps that are successful in making their mark in the iOS app world.

iPhone Development Tutorial- Available for both novice as well as professional app developers
It's not that iPhone development tutorials are available just for the beginners in contemporary iOS Application Development industry. These tutorials are also custom-made for professionals who although being trained in developing iOS apps, want to grow their skill set and come up with something that's out-of-the-box. So, whether you have just begun your journey of developing iOS app or are already experienced in delivering apps for Apple products, a good iPhone development tutorial is going to help you on a positive note.

iPhone App Development Tutorial- Perfect means of getting a hand-on information about development of varied iPhone applications

With a large group of companies switching to creation of high-end iOS apps, lots of iPhone development companies are continuously emerging all over the world. With the demand for iPhone apps touching the sky, these companies are working on strategies that can help in delivering fine-quality applications that are both lively as well as rich in functionality. The spectacular capabilities of an iPhone development tutorial make room for educating developers about the best and the most convenient means of constructing iPhone apps.

iPhone development tutorial- Learning the basics via real-time examples
One of the greatest advantages of using a well-defined iPhone development tutorial is that it allows you to learn the iPhone app programming basics using real-time examples. With a lot of software development businesses growing serious about iPhone application development, switching to a related iPhone development tutorial is something that will allow you to explode opportunities in a broader way. Real-time examples included within this tutorial allow you to get a clearer picture about the challenges that are involved in initiating the process of developing remarkable apps for a touch-screen iPhone/iPad or iPod.

iPhone development tutorial- Covering a wide array of steps starting from programming to the final app testing stage

Being a best option as iOS App Developer for Hire and With a perfectly designed iPhone development tutorial in hand, no one can stop you from building the right app for varied iPhone models. Whether its about offering you a stepwise guideline on app development or helping you with methods of testing the final product, the iOS development tutorial doesn't disappoint you at any stage.

Efficient and timely development of an iPhone application has been the prime concern of every app developer. If you too are inclined on building the right iPhone app for your client, then abiding by the details mentioned within the chosen tutorial will help you achieve your goal instantly and with ease. 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

iPhone Apps To Add Bliss to Your Wedding Plans

Marriage is one of the most important and valuable occasions in a person's life. Seeing, yourself, your freinds, or anyone close to you getting married is truly a feeling of great joy. For anyone who has planned his/her wedding date can feel how it is like. From pretty dresses, to jewellery, to wedding site, to photographers, to cocktail parties, and several other countless preparations, which you need to bundled together to make your marriage absolutely special and magical.

As excited as you might be while planning your wedding, there is no escaping the feeling that the stress that comes along might leave you too exhausted to enjoy. And that's where technology comes to the rescue. Thanks to those fanciful apps created by iPhone app development services, which help you to find everything in one place- be it going to vendors, preparing guest lists, venue details, budget details, dates and reminders.

So, here is the list of some tried and tested apps that helps you prepare for your big day with ease and convenience.

1. iWedding Deluxe- the Wedding Planner

Although pricey, iWedding Deluxe is a great perk of renowned iOS Application Development launched by a reputed Mobile App Development Company that can be very useful in planning out anything and everything related to your wedding. The app comes complete with all the major organizational categories such as budget, venue information, vendor's contact information, and several other activities to be performed on a particular day. Not only this, the app has a number of helpful tools which gives you information regarding the nearby vendor, decorators,and also provides photo storage for items that will inspire you while giving all the relevant information at your fingertips.

2. Plan Your Wedding With Mindy Weiss

If you are a fan of Mindy Weiss and wants a dream wedding planned for you with lots of creative elements then this app is just for you. Mindy Weiss is a celebrity wedding planner who has released an iPhone app that lets all brides-to-be get information related to ideas related to weddings along with an up-to-date access of the hottest designing trends. Her wonderful app is full of useful details and has video-clips made by Mindy herself that helps bride to plan a celebrity wedding for herself.

3. Brides Wedding Genius 2.0

Designed exclusively for brides-to-be, this ultimate go-to-app is faster and easier to use. The app inspires the bride to plan perfect dresses, jewelries, rings, and dream honeymoon destinations, get beauty tips for herself. There are more than hundreds of photos that will help you select the best pick for you. Plus, brides can save her favorites and local retailers to get the dress designed as per her choice.

4. Wedding Budget

This straight forward budgeting app will keep the right track of the list of costs, payments, deposits, and how much money you have to spend on a particular occasion. It's a good app to have, which divides costs into relevant categories such as ceremony, flowers, dresses, photography etc. It allows you to allocate costs budget to each category as per your requirements and tells you about outstanding payments.

5. Wedding 911 by The Knot

A proficient iOS App Developer for Hire can also be availed as it can also aid you with such amazing app. Most brides are familiar with The Knot's wedding planning website. The website has now debuted its app for the perfect on-the-go planning of your wedding. The app features an ultimate wedding checklists, a budget tool, an array of beautiful wedding gowns and much more to get you ready for that auspicious day. The app provides you facility to save and share your photos, clippings and also gives ideas related to wedding cakes, decorations, hairstyles, and a lot more to make every aspect of your wedding memorable.

6. Wedding Row

Why to cut and safe the clippings from newspapers and magazines to gather your wedding inspirations when you can do it digitally? Wedding Row is just the app you need. This ultimate handy wedding tool helps you to gather and organize everything which inspires you for a perfect wedding event. You can save and share all the details with your friends and family. You can also upload images from the web in your iPhone. The app keeps a track of “inspirational boards” you've collected or items you've taken pictures, so that you can narrow down your choices and choose the best one.

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Wrapping Up

The wedding planning apps for iPhones have really made the task of wedding preparation absolutely easy and convenient. So, when the wedding day finally arrives, all you have to do is to embrace the occasion with your spouse and say thanks to your apps which helped throughout your journey of one of the most important occasions of your life.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Worthy Facts That Add To Mobile App Development

There are a huge variety of mobile phones existing in the market, numerous brands are working to deliver advanced technology to the end users. Almost each one of us (though not all) has a mobile phone and more than half of the total mobile phone users prefer using Smartphones.

Today, mobile applications have made their position among the superior market segments for the IT developers. There are other factors as well but, applications are consistently contributing in making a Smartphone to literally work smartly. And this is why, nowadays most of the mobile companies are strongly concentrating to cater the consumer's need via developing effective mobile applications.

There is no dearth of mobile apps in the market but, still with the flourishing technology, their demand is rapidly expanding. They offers utile features that help accomplish our routine task (whether a simple or a complex one) with ease.

Creating a mobile app will not only help you reach a wider audience base, but will also allow you to facilitate your end users with amazing and interesting fun apps.

Since, stats and analytics speak louder than anything else, here are some of the facts that prove that mobile application is a perfect medium to pave the path towards ultimate business success.

  • More than 50% of the US adults (of the age 16 years or above) have invested in at least one Smartphone. From technological perspective, US is the second largest market after China.

  • As far as the Internet traffic is considered, it has been observed that there are 1.2 billion of Smartphone users who browse the Internet via their handy devices. That is the 15% of the entire Internet users across the globe uses their mobile devices, as, these devices allow users to conveniently access Internet on the go.

  • Mobile features like mobile applications, functions to support e-commerce or m-commerce, navigation ease, etc. are counted as the major factors that are powerful enough to affect the perspective of more than 60% of the total world population towards a mobile brand.

  • Around half of the e-commerce customers, use their Smartphones for making purchases while visiting a brick-and-mortar store and 60% of them shop while staying at the stores and supermarkets.

  • Smartphone users spend double time on online shopping than the other desktop users.

  • Around 95% of the users use their Smartphones in making any search for information related to brands or other data.

  • Mobile web is quite crucial and thus, is accentuating dramatically to deliver superior performance to the customers. As, it has been depicted that for every 100 milliseconds to wait for loading a web page (over a mobile device like Smartphone, iPad, tablet, etc.) the sales decreases by one percent. They are considering this issue seriously and trying to remedy its cause with effective measures.

  • More than a quarter of the total search queries are implemented by mobile search engines.

  • The majority of the (85%) users use their mobile phones for browsing emails and more than 15% uses their Tablets for the same.

Final Thought:

The above mentioned facts and stats are sufficient enough to prove that mobile development has dramatically improved and plays a major role for most of the end users. You can also reap its benefits and boost your business value by developing an appropriate mobile application.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What All You Need to Know About Android Rooting?

Many people love Android because of the endless possibilities it offers. But rooting your Android phone can help you perform a lot of tasks – more than what your phone can do like tethering, overclocking and so much more. Simply put, rooting allows Android users to acquire root access into the Android sub-system.

What is the purpose behind Android rooting?

The basic objective behind Android phone rooting is to lift-up the restrictions enforced on some Android devices, by their carriers and manufacturers; thereby it provides users with the wherewithal to make alterations in their phone applications and settings (that needs administrator-level root permissions). Rooting your Android phone even allows you to remove or replace your device's operating system, with the latest OS version.

A Look at the commonly asked questions

Many users have several questions in mind regarding getting their Android device rooted, and the most commonly asked questions are listed below:

Do you deem any reputed Android App Development in India or any other country is rooting an illegal process? No it isn't an illegal process anymore. Though, it was not considered legal earlier, but was made legal under DMCA have for most of the phones (but not for tablets). This question generally pops up in the mind of a user, as it's hard to imagine for anyone that they could gain root access into their Android device.

Is rooting different from jailbreaking? This question most often leaves a user in a confused and bewildered state. But both the processes are different. Jailbreaking allows Apple iOS users to bypass restrictions that Apple apply – on which sort of applications can run. It allows Apple phone users to perform things such as tweak browser, run restricted software and a few others. Although, Android rooting performs the same functionality like Jailbreaking, yet both are different. In fact, Android users don't require Jailbreaking. This is because, Google permits them to run third-party software unlike Apple.

Besides, since Android is open-source the limitations are generally placed more by carriers than the phone manufacturers. And rooting, mainly provides solutions to get around the carrier restrictions.

Are there any risks associated with rooting?

One of the biggest risk involved with rooting is that you can get your Android handset “bricked”. So, if something went wrong, or let's say, you did something that conflicts with the actual rooting procedure, make sure to delete the wrong file and recover your handset from the bricked state.

It can void your manufacturer warranty or any insurance you might have started with your carrier. So, the manufacturer or the carrier won't cover the damages made to the phone.

Being one of the proficient Android App Developers, you may access the root level of your phone also entails breaking into the security limitations enforced by the Android OS. As a result, malware can infect the rooted Android device, if you haven't installed any effective mobile antivirus for protecting your device.

Final Thought

So, if you too want to gain access to the root level of your Android sub-system, then you can get it rooted. To get more information about rooting or how to perform this process, you can find great sources on the web like The CyanogenMod Wiki, Android Central Forum and others.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Unleashing The Features of OneNote Latest Versions – 2.3 And 15.2 For iPhone, iPad and Mac

For the folks who are looking for a note making application that allows them to sync data from their different devices with ease, Microsoft OneNote is something that can't be missed out. This cross-platform application allows one to share their notes over a network or the Internet. It comes within the Microsoft suite and can also be used as a stand-alone application that is available for different devices (like Mac, Windows, iOS, etc.). It also features a web-based version that lets users to edit their notes by using a web browser.

Here is a good news for the Apple users, who admire this application. Microsoft has released its updated version for iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. It has introduced some additional features and upgraded its interface to deliver enhanced performance to the end users. With rich text formating, it ensures the content uniformity across different platforms including, Android, iOS, and more.

Lets have a look at the updated features of the latest versions of Microsoft OneNote for the respective Apple devices. However, a renowned iOS Development Company can be availed, in case you face any technical issue.

OneNote Version 2.3 for iPhone and iPad

1.) Lets users to implement a desirable password to lock or unlock a particular section, which is created is the application.

2.) Users can also attach files in their notes; and they can be accessed by simply double-tapping them and sharing via the AirDrop.

3.) Whether you copy and paste an article from Safari or a Microsoft Word document, it offers astonishing rich-text formating that looks simply great.

4.) You can insert PDF printouts to any page and append your notes to that page.

5.) Especially for business purposes, you can create your notebooks and store them to OneDrive. This file hosting service facilitates a cloud storage that can be accessed via a web browser or local device.

6.) The created sections and pages can be moved and reordered anywhere within the OneNote.

OneNote Version 15.2 for Mac

Now, users will be able to share their notes with others via an email that will represent the shared note in the same format as it appears in their notebook.

Additionally, you may avail skilful iOS Programmers for hire, however, the updated version for Mac will feature some similar additional functions as that for the OneNote version 2.3 for iPhone and iPad. This includes -
Access, edit and save notes to OneDrive (cloud storage), it is ideal for business purpose.
Attach files to the notes and share them via AirDrop
Ensure protection to the created sections by implementing lock and unlock passwords.
Insert PDF printouts to any page
Move sections within OneNote

Bottom Line:
The amazing features of updated versions of OneNote offer great ease to the Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac users. It has introduced new dimensions to note taking applications and programs. All these versions are available at free, download them on your Apple device and take benefits of its marvelous features.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

5 Best Utility Apps That Can Boost Your iPhone Performance

Apple products and iPhone app development services are admired by people across the world. It offers advance and innovative applications to its users and delivers great performance that has helped build a formidable fan following.

The first thing that you will probably do after buying a new iPhone is-downloading applications. There is a truckload of iPhone applications; from education to entertainment, health and fitness to lifestyles, traveling to utilities, it includes ample number of applications. These apps offer great convenience and luxury in our day-to-day activities.

We generally are interested in downloading entertainment or other functional apps, and forget about utility apps. The utility applications are built to help boost your iPhone's performance. Whether it's your iPhones' battery life, texting or e-mail performance or any other thing, it will surely enhance the performance. You can download these apps from Apple store and experience the difference. Let's have a look on some top utility applications for iPhone.

#1. Google Search

Install this app introduced by a reputable iPhone App Development Company and get easy access to Google search, one on the leading search engines. You can conveniently search almost anything and it will display the most appropriate result, based on the entered keywords. It will also keep you updated with traffic alerts, scores of your favorite soccer team and offers many more features. This app is available for free at iTunes Apple app store.

#2. Find My iPhone

Now, there is no need to feel jittery, if your iPhone or any iOS device is misplaced. With Find My iPhone app you can easily locate your iPhone on map. Not only this, but it also offers various features like:

  • It will play your device on loud for around 2 seconds (even if it's on silent mode).
  • A custom message will be displayed on the screen.
  • It will secure your personal data, by remotely erasing all the content and settings of your iPhone.
  • It will lock your device remotely with a password.
  • It also displays battery charge indicator.
  • This is very useful application and available for free at iTunes Apple app store.

#3. Skins Pro Creator for Minecraft

Create a desirable skin with ease by using this application. This popular app offers you a user-friendly interface for easily creating, modifying and sharing  skins with others by using some premium tools that are unseen on other skin creator apps. It is a paid app, available in a worthy price at iTunes Apple app store.

#4. CloudDownload - Music Player & Downloader for SoundCloud

Being a music lover, either you can get such customized app from skilled iPhone Application Developers then you will definitely like this app. Enjoy your SoundCloud music with easy access, by using this application. It allows you to listen your tracks-anytime & anywhere. It comes complete with various features including, easy-to-manage play-list, music video player and more. This application is available for free at iTunes Apple app store.

#5. Battery Life Magic Pro

Most of the time, we left some unnecessary processes running in the background and some heavy applications eat our phone's battery very quickly. If you are looking for a way to improve your iPhones battery performance, then this app is great for you. It offers tips and tricks to help optimize your iPhone's battery life and minimize battery drain. This app is available at iTunes Apple app store and costs a worthy amount.

Experience a great world with the amazing utility iPhone apps. Download some of above mentioned apps and enhance your device's performance.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Why You Need to Hire an Android App Developer?

 Over the years, the demand for Android development is growing steadily and many business organizations are taking the advantage of this golden opportunity to tap into the new revenue streams for better results. Smartphones and tablets are where customers live today and they are constantly taking phones as multipurpose devices. Such dramatic increase in the use of mobile phones has produced a new avenue for businesses to promote themselves through mobile-ready applications that enable them to perform their business activities at any time and location.

The future of Android apps has great potential, since, it has become a conglomeration of so many useful things, these apps have the potential to provide both hedonistic motivation and experiential value to its users. Android app development sounds like a great idea. If done right, executed well, it will fetch great benefits to any firm. Due to these reasons, various leading brands are hiring Android apps development company to promote their products and services via mobile phones. Also, the mobile-assisted applications help customers to obtain information regarding any product and help them to make informed decisions in real time.

There are number of Android development companies available today and there is no denying of the fact that Android keeps on adding the largest pool of developers every single day. These programmers efficiently help you and fulfill all your requirements. Depending on your business goals, time needs to spend, and the way you want to align your brand name with your customers, they help you in creating a framework of your app, which is timely, decisive, and task-oriented.

So, here are five reasons in favor of hiring the services of an application development firm:

1. Vast Experience in the Area of Android Development:

Updating and following the latest trend have become priorities of businesses today. Hence, experienced and skilled programmers are required, which help you to create innovative, unique, and user-friendly apps. By hiring the services of the mobile app development company, you will be benefited with the experience these developers hold in their fields. Since knowledge can lead to a successful app development project, these professionals help you in building effective and creative applications, websites, and games.

2. Allow companies to focus on their core activities:

It is very essential for every enterprise to focus on its core competencies. If mobile app development is not your core business, then outsourcing is much a better option. When any enterprise outsource its project to some reliable companies, it can use its in-house resources to work on its core business area.

3. Cost-effective and measurable:

One of the best advantages of outsourcing mobile development company option  is   
that it is very cost-effective. The company by adopting a collaborative approach with its client and team mates, ensure minimum flaws during the development process. This also gives the advantage of customizing the app as per your choice as well as future trends.

4. Precise Android Solutions:

A development firm has skillful professionals at hand who fully understand the nuances of technology, they work efficiently to deliver best end results. They understand your needs perfectly and present you with the best Android solutions in the areas such as mobile commerce, social networking integration, business applications, and much more.

5. 24x7 Assistance:

The professional development firms build regular communication while working on a project in order to create a strong work relation between the client. They share their work thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and knowledge on a continuous basis to offer quality results. Through regular communication, they create a flexible structure where alterations can be made easily and on time.

As the Google Android application market is getting huge popularity among the masses, it has also increased the scope for mobile application developers, by providing them an opportunity to create apps which attempts to minimize time and maximize convenience. It is really beneficial to get in touch with professional programmers as they provide best possible solutions for all your needs.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Get FIFA Updates with unbeatable iPhone Application Development

Various iOS Application Development Services leveraging Soccer fans all around the world have reason to celebrate, since the FIFA World Cup '14 in Brazil has begun. People from every corner of the world are cheering for their favorite teams and are constantly glued to their television and mobile devices to catch their favorite players playing in the big tournament.

Now, there are more ways to get in touch with the FIFA action and that is through Android and iOS apps launched by Apple and Google. These apps bring life to the game with stunning graphics and outstanding features so that fans can experience the passion of the sport like never before.

So, here is the list of top iOS apps designed to keep you informed about anything related to FIFA'14

1. The FIFA Official App

The FIFA Official App is a must-have for the soccer fanatics that provides a perfect mobile platform for the users of both Android and iOS. The app keeps you updated with the match alerts of your favorite teams and allow you to follow all the action of the game in the Global Stadium.

2. Forza Football

The Forza Football app is great to get live score updates on your mobile. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the app gives minute-by-minute details of every match, give push notifications, opinion polls, and video highlights. Being a live scorer app, it provides a collective opinion of fans from all around the world.

3. ESPN FC & World Cup

The ESPN FC & World Cup app is the perk of iOS Development Companies which is the perfect choice to follow all the action and spirit of the game live. The app delivers comprehensive coverage of all the major leagues by providing video highlights, news, opinions, and personalized reports. The app provides a great place to go for team analysis and commentary. And the best thing is, it is free to download.

4. Brazil- World Soccer Finals

This app is only available for iOS with a cost of $ 0.99. The app provides latest match schedules, statistics, and latest natch updates. Users can also get information regarding the city, match venue locations, field formation, and player information.

5. Travel Portuguese Football Edition

Even if you're lucky enough to be in Brazil and catch all the action live, you must not be knowledgeable enough to be familiarized with game technicalities in Portuguese. The Travel Portuguese Football Edition can be customized as per your requirement and for this you simply need to Hire iPhone Programmers so that it can help you visiting different nations to get familiarized with the local language terminologies. The app provides basic lessons of the language to help visitors to navigate through local transport, restaurants, hotels, top destination places, and much more.

So, get ready to hit the download button and install the app that should indulge you into the World Cup spirit.