Friday, 29 April 2016

Android Marshmallow Or iOS – Which One Is Worthy To Use

It has now come into the notice that Android Marshmallow has now been tied-up by iOS 9 and is being officially announced to the public worldwide. It is seen that initially iOS 9 might appear to devices in its initial release. It is quite obvious to know that the Android roll-out will surely be more protracted than an overnight push of iOS. But, the point here now is how exactly will they differ from each other? 

It is quite obvious to know that every developers posses hands-on experience with a motive to develop and deliver highly customized as well as commercial grade Android applications to its users. Hiring a highly qualified Android app developer for your business purposes will definitely offer you with huge experience in terms of industry exposure, expertise, scopes, creativity and an assurance to impress your audience. Work with Android application developers to incur the high scope of industry experience, expertise and a chance to enthral the end user of the application. 

Lets find out more on this topic:

  • Biometrics and Mobile Payments

It is seen that now Android M Google Wallet has been marked as Android Pay that comes with a clear swipe at Apple Pay. Since, both the payment platforms appears to be extremely indistinguishable, the interesting thing about Android M is that it now fully supports fingerprint scanner process supported that is fully supported by every Android devices. This clearly specifies that these devices will be highly compatible while you are working with the Android Pay in by- default mode. Talking in terms of iOS 9’s panel, it simply allows Touch ID to efficiently guess all the fingerprints at much faster level than ever. The new developed Apple Wallet app now seems to be fairly supporting loyalty cards.
  • Cloud services

When discussion comes about cloud storage and related discussion topics are included with automatic backups, it is seen that Apple industry is lagging behind. Working with Microsoft’s OneDrive as well as Google Drive, allow users to access 15GB space for free and smoothly offers them to work with cross-platform support. Users can easily get the facility of accessing 5GB space with iCloud, and can effectively work with Windows, Mac, as well as iOS devices. Google Drive is surely the cheapest one, available at $2 per month for 100GB, if you are really wishing to access lots of additional space. But, on the other hand, Apple and Microsoft have dropped their prices to make it available for users that matches their standard of purchasing rates. It is extremely perfect to say that subscribing to Office 365 Personal, can get you to access 1TB of storage space with 60 minutes of Skype calls per month that is free of cost, by allowing users to access all the latest Office applications, just for $7 per month or for $70 for a year.
  • Connectivity

It is already discovered that mobile platforms effectively supports both Blue-tooth as well as Wi-Fi services. As we know that both Android and Windows Mobile devices got its easy way with NFC that is commonly known as Near Field Communication system for an easy working features that needs to be accessed with wireless transfers as well as mobile payments. On the other hand, it is seen that Apple included NFC in its iPhone 6 as well iPhone 6 Plus devices. It launched Apple Pay apps by tying themselves with few brand companies and those companies can easily cover-up few mobile gaps too quickly by offering profit to its customers in variety of ways. Android now has included the new features Android Pay as well. NFC process on the other side, can also be used for quick file transferring process, features such as tapping phones at a time to easily share contacts as well as Web pages and tapping on specific supported speakers to stream music are well accessible for users. 

Final Thought 

Rigid users will always try to stick to the point, where you will experience that they are trying to prove Android Marshmallow, an exceptionally a better choice for users than the iOS 9.0 version and vice versa you can say. I must say that Android origin will simply enjoy a wide variety of functionalities with high simplicity of the device that it offers to its users. But, I think both of them have surely added extremely advanced level features to their respective devices in our daily lives. It can be said that working with Apple iOS 9.0 is better for few folks who likes to access things that are simple, faultless, and smooth to go ahead with. And on the other hand, The Google Android is better for those people who want to break the limits of accessing application features in extraordinary ways, to be able to customize their every little chunk of their phone, and have the flexibility to use their phones to the maximum potential.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Why You Must Develop a Mobile App For Your Business?

Today, most of the businesses have a common question in mind that is: whether they need to build a mobile app or to have a responsive site will be enough. Well, people who don't do much find responsive websites sufficient as they look good irrespective of the device used to access such sites. But, having an app is equally important to keep pace with the prevailing competition. 

Listed below are some of the biggest reasons that will help you understand the significance of having a mobile app in spite of having a responsive website: 

1. Optimal User Experience
Rendering an enhanced UX (User Experience) is crucial for keeping your customers engaged with your business. And, a mobile app can help in accomplishing such a need with efficiency. But make sure to design a great app UI, as it plays a vital role in augmenting the user experience. If you lack design or coding skills, it is better to hire iPhone app developer or any other app developer depending on your project needs. 

Let's suppose your clients search for some product on Google. They will be provided with dozens of search results. This lessens the chances of your business getting noticed by the target audience. In the worst case scenario, your customers might even get attracted towards product offerings of your competitors. But, in case they have your app installed on their phone, they're more likely to search for their favorite (or needed) products using your app. 

2. Increases Customer Base
Every business needs to grow with time to attain a competitive edge. In order to ensure your business growth, you must focus on achieving high return despite making less investment. Or else, earn higher returns by making a significant investment. The best way that ensures the higher return is increased customer base. Of course, the more users you will have interested in your product or services, the higher are the chances of improving sales. 

But merely responsive website won't be enough to expand your client base. That's because, “82 percent of users spend their media time on apps.” And so, you will likely lose potential customers using a mobile application to view your website and its offerings, rather than accessing the responsive site. 

3. Cost-effectiveness
Mobile app helps cut down the cost that you need to invest on sending email notifications or any marketing purpose. Wondering how? Well, since an app enables you to send push notifications to customers to inform about their latest offers, your marketing cost for creating email marketing to send your offers is significantly reduced. Moreover, since a user can open an app even without Internet connection unlike a mobile site that requires an established network connection, your customers will most likely be able to utilize your limited period offer. 

Also, a user is less likely to access a mail over viewing push notifications added right on the top of your app's screen. 

4. Conveys Your Message Quickly
Unlike a mobile site, your app directly displays your business message to clients. Your app users don't need to move from one page to another to obtain more details about your product or service offerings. Instead, it presents users with the most important piece of information immediately. This heightens your chances of keeping your customers explore more about your business brand and what it offers. 

5. Helps Add Value to Your Brand 
In the present digital worlds, having an app has become needful for increasing your brand value. In fact, many niche brands are making use of mobile apps in place of advertisements to boost brand value. With a mobile app, you get to send quality and most relevant content about your latest offers and happenings via push notifications. 

However, keep in mind one thing. An app won't help you in becoming a recognized brand right in the beginning, but it will indeed prove helpful in enhancing your brand value in the long run. 

Irrespective of whether you're running a local business or a large-size enterprise, having a mobile app is important for promoting the growth of your business. But to achieve success via your app in creating your brand value, it is imperative to develop a one-of-its-kind app model.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Top 5 Ways How Mobile Apps Can Help Promote Your Business

Just like the continuous increase in Smartphone and tablets usage, you can observe a relentless rise in the demand for mobile apps. In fact, a few online reports suggest that people spend most of their digital media time on their mobile applications than mobile websites. 

No matter you own a small business or a niche brand, having an app is crucial for expanding your web presence and ensuring future growth. 

But despite the ever-growing popularity of apps, many business owners remain in a state of flux about how an app can promote their business. To clear out such doubt, below are some key reasons that will help you better understand how can expand your business with an app: 

1. Extend your Brand Reach to Customers Far and Wide
Apps have become the must-have tools for each mobile app development company and business personnel, as they help them spread their brand message to customers located far and wide. Of course, a mobile site also helps you in reaching to a wider client base. But with an app, you get the ability to expand your reach even further.

2. Help Attract New Leads For Your Business
It's a well-known fact that people like to share or recommend things that they find worthy. Not to mention, it's imperative to build a unique app model created to help solve your customer problems and offer them seamless experience. And so, your app users including your loved ones and acquaintances will most likely share your product with other people. This ultimately can help in attracting potential and new customers for your business. 

3. Connect with Your Users Anytime-Anywhere
Unlike a mobile website, an app can also be accessed without a network connection. Simply put, your app can be viewed by customers even in the offline mode thereby increasing your brand visibility. Besides, accessing an application on the go provides a seamless experience by helping your users access only the most relevant details, which increases the chances of connecting with your customers in a better and personalized way. This drastically improves customer engagement. 

4. Apps Can Be Tailored to Fit New Technology
Wearable technology has become a hot trend. While many organizations have already adopted wearables (i.e. smart devices like a smartwatch and others), many still need to incorporate such technology. One great aspect about mobile apps is that they can be tailored to fit the needs of new technology. In short, you can create wearable apps to promote your business to the audience interested in embracing such solutions. 

5. Increase Customer Loyalty 
Making your customers loyal to using your business offerings is critical to your success. With an app, you can extend your support to customers, which encourage them to turn into loyal users. That means your clients are likely to come back to you. 

Wrapping Up
The time that people spent on mobile phones is what further, give rise to the increasing need for apps. Thus, as a business owner, it becomes essential for you to have a mobile application to meet your client's expectations and boost sales. Also, an app can help optimize your business productivity. And most importantly, it helps in promoting your business to the target audience.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Google Unexpectedly Rolls Out Developers Preview of Android N

Google's unexpected announcement of Android N Developers Preview took everyone by surprise. It's a well-known fact that Google usually releases the new version of the Android OS at the Google's I/O developer conference. The same is the case with the latest Android version “N” which was expected to be talked about not until Google's developers conference in May.

The senior vice president of the Android OS, Hiroshi Lockheimer, said: “ the team wanted the preview to be released earlier to get feedbacks from developers without much delay and for making Android N version available to device manufacturers this summer .” 

Let's now discuss the exciting (and new) features that the developers preview of Android N offers: 

1. Split-screen Mode
It is the first time when Android is offering users with a split-screen mode. The split-screen view gives users the ability to display more than a single app simultaneously. In short, you will be able to perform multitasking with the help of Android N. For instance, users could divide the screen to view a page on the left side while creating an email on the right side. 

With the split-screen feature, users will become capable of resizing any activity on their screens in an easy way. To be more specific, users will be provided better control over the specific parts of an app that you would like to display. Apps running on Nexus Player can run in “picture-in-picture” mode, so as to let apps display content continuously when some user choose to browse or interact with any other app. For example, the picture-in-picture mode enables to play video apps on your Android TV in the corner.

2. App Notifications Can Now Be Bundled
Receiving too many notifications can be frustrating. But, not anymore. Thanks to Android N “direct reply notifications” feature. The feature helps in grouping similar alerts together into a 'bundle'. Moreover, your bundle of notifications appear to be just a single notification. That means you won't have to handle each notification individually. Rather you can choose to dismiss or expand an alert notification with a single swipe or click. 

So, this feature makes it easy for developers working in Android app development company to work on apps – that do not irritate users by sending plenty of notifications every minute. 

3. Enhanced Doze Will Save More Battery Life
Doze is not a new feature and was introduced with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It helps in protecting the Android device battery life by shutting down the background tasks for a particular period. But, Google plans on enhancing Doze with Android N further. The Doze feature, in general, limits an app from accessing the network when the device is idle. But with Android N, some changes have been made to Doze. The enhanced Doze will also provide several restrictions when the device is in the idle state. 

Essentially, the new version launch offers an improved version of the Doze feature that helps in saving battery power of a device even when its screen is turned off. It's too early to say how much difference the improved Doze feature will bring, but theoretically, it definitely sounds an interesting addition.

4. Ability to Save Multiple Recorded Sessions
The Android TV input services allow a user to pause and resume to playback any channel using time-shifting APIs. However, Google's latest launch expands on time-shifting and renders users the ability to save tons of recorded sessions at the same time. With this new functionality, users can schedule TV recordings beforehand or instead can start a recording while watching any program. 

Remember to implement recording function on your TV input service, it is imperative for you to inform the system that your app is capable of supporting recordings, can handle errors that occur at the time of recording and so on. 

What Else About Android N Developers Preview You Need to Know?
Here are a few questions and their answers that will provide you with relevant information about the preview: 

How can you try your hands on Android N developers preview?
The new Android N developers preview is available in beta version and is made available for early testing. However, you need a Nexus device to start with the testing phase since Google made the preview available to a few of its Nexus products only, such as Nexus 5X, 6P, and Nexus 6. Also, the preview can be mounted on the Nexus 9. 

NOTE: Developer preview is expected to have bugs and issues, and before trying out Android N preview on some platform keep in mind that it is still not ready for daily use. 

What will be the official name of Android N? 
Google is known for naming new version of Android operating system after sweet treats. For instance, some of the fewer recent Android versions were named as KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow. Though, what will the new Android N version will be called remains a mystery, but stakes are high that it the new version release will be named Nectar. 

Wrapping Up
So far, Android Marshmallow OS hasn't been made used even on 3 percent of devices. And, the release of developers preview of new Android N version is a bit of a surprise. This clearly indicates that Google is in a hurry to get Android N out. Though the new Google launch hasn't been made available for regular use, but the developers preview seems to be an exciting update for developers. We'll probably have to wait for the Google's I/O conference that is likely to happen in May to get further details regarding Android's latest version release.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Achieving Client Satisfaction With Custom Mobile App: The What and How of It?

Many business organizations to individuals and developers are joining the growing app development trend. But there are a few who remains confused whether developing a mobile application is worth the effort. 

Observing industry reports on mobile app usage revealed that “ 88 percent of media time is spent using Smartphone, which is quite higher than 12 percent time spent on media using the mobile web.” Furthermore, “the media time spent on tablets is 82 percent compared to 18 percent of media time invested using the mobile web”. 

The above statistics clearly indicates how the use of mobile apps is growing at an unprecedented rate. And so, it is needless to say that you might lose potential customers if you still don't have a mobile app. But remember, just building one might not help you in attracting users. After all, there are millions of apps on the market. Of course, you need to offer something unique and better to grab users attention. And, a custom mobile app can help in accomplishing such an objective. 

Significance of Custom Mobile App Development

It's a well-understood fact that customer is the first thing you must have in your mind when developing a customized mobile app. That's because such an app is tailored to best meet users needs. Indeed, a product can help fulfill customers requirements ensures in keeping them engaged in it for a longer time. In essence, a custom-built mobile application helps in deploying an enhanced user experience (UX). 

Factors to Consider When Developing a Custom App
Below are some of the few important factors to consider for ensuring creating a custom mobile app that could achieve customer satisfaction: 

1. Conduct Research on Your Client 

It's a good practice to conduct research on your targeted users before arranging an official meeting with them post app development. Doing so will help you know everything about your client, ranging from business, products, processes, etc. Building an app keeping such details in mind will apparently help you develop a successful product. Moreover, performing research will create a positive impression on your client’s mind, observing your efforts in going an extra mile to understanding your audience’s expectations. 

2. Define Your Plan 

To maintain a good relationship with your client laying down a proper plan can help attain success. Besides, with a well-defined plan, finding issues and dealing with them will become simple and quick. Also, today we are dealing with smart clients who prefer to hire iPhone app developer or any other app developer that are good planners. This is because such professionals very well know how to lessen risks, losses and project delay. 

3. Maintain Quality 

When creating a mobile app customized to your client's needs, it is essential for you to maintain its quality. In fact, the first thing that a customer notices about the delivered product is how robust it is. Moreover, it's a well-known fact that a high-quality product is bound to be appreciated, which is vital for getting repeated business from your customers. But, if you fail to deploy a quality item, it prove damaging to your relationship with a user. 

4. Effective Communication is Must 

Communicating effectively with your app development team is vital to the successful delivery of the end-product. Especially, if you have chosen to outsource your project, interacting with your development partner is the only and best medium to stay updated on progress made in developing your application. Remember, to communicate with your service provider regarding upgrades, milestones, etc. on a daily basis. 

5. Take Feedback From Clients 

Lastly, you must make it a habit of taking your customer's feedback once the project is delivered. It would be much better to ask for feedback right after the development stage before the delivery of the product. That way, you will get to know about the fixes you need to make before handling it to your targeted users. Bear in mind to carefully study what your client has to say, and make sure to implement the suggested modifications/changes exactly according to your customer needs. 

Building a great mobile application can help you in reaching out to a larger user base. But, you need more than a simple app to get the desired recognition. For this, it is recommended that you should consider developing a custom app.