Monday, 1 April 2013

Switching Around Your Note-taking Experience with Google Keep

Google Keep :  A New Android App

Google Keep
Looks like the most widely used note-taking app Evernote has finally got an arch rival! It's the Google Keep. The Android based note-taking app that was leaked a few days ago, has been finally released by Google officially. The service is currently available through Google Drive website or on the mobile devices that are running on Android 4.0.3 and above. As an added feature, users will be able to sync Notes directly with the Android App and the Google Drive website.

Google Keep enables you to take down the ideas, create checklists, archive important photographs and make voice notes. According to the official Google Blog:
“With Keep you can quickly jot down ideas when you can quickly jot ideas down when you think of them and even include checklists and photos to keep track of what's important to you.”

Every note you take is stored automatically in the Google drive and then synced with all Android- enabled devices. Just as in Evernote, all your mental reminders and notes are accessible and can be managed through your striking Android app development or web browser. This makes your notes handy.

If you find speaking more convenient as compared to writing, Google Keep has a solution for this as well. It automatically transcribes voice memos into written notes for you. The super fast Google Search service enables you to find whatever you are looking for while making your notes. Moreover, when you have finished with creating a note, you have the option to delete it or archive it.

If you need to juggle around and shuffle your priorities, there isn't any issue. All you need to do is to access Keep through your Android device, and drag around notes to mark your priorities. You can also allocate different color to each note using the color palette which is available at the top of your device's screen. These colors will help you in organizing your notes in an efficient manner. However, as of now, you will have to manually change the color of each note.

Though, you can use Keep for any note-taking purpose you have at your hand, there are 4 main methods through which Google Keep allows you enter notes. Here's a wrap up of these:

• Tap the check mark icon to create a checklist
• Use the Text Box on the initial screen to add a quick note
• Tap on the camera icon to use a photograph as a note
• Tap on the Microphone to create a voice memo. The memo is transcribed instantly, so that you have both the text and voice versions in the note.

You have the option of adding checklists to existing notes. Simply tap on the Menu button and select “Show Checkboxes”.

It is nice to have such a combination of note types in one app? Of course it is! But wish Google could introduce a reminder feature too. After all, you need to set an alarm every time you need to set a reminder. You can download Keep from Google App Store or from the Drive website here:-

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