Friday, 11 April 2014

6 Brilliant iPhone apps tailor-made for bloggers

With the rapidly changing internet, it has become essential to indulge in something that can help you run a popular blog. If you own an iPhone, achieving this becomes simpler and flexible. In this blog, I've brought you 6 amazing iPhone applications that are custom-made for meeting the requirements of bloggers. Even, option of iOS App Developer for Hire can be availed to get the customization within such apps. So, let's get to know about these 4 scintillating iPhone apps that work wonders for bloggers.
iPhone App No.1- Evernote
Note-taking forms a crucial aspect of successful blogging. Evernote is an iPhone app that lets you take down important notes at anytime and anywhere. You can use this app as an excellent tool for organizing your digital life.
iPhone App No.2- Blogpress
If you're managing several blogs hosted on different blogging platforms, then Blogpress is the app that will make your work easier. The best part of this app is that it enables you to cross-publish a particular post to different blogs available on different platforms.
iPhone App No.3-Posterous
Posterous is an iPhone app that comes with an auto-posting feature that works with a majority of blogging platforms. You can use this app for integrating different blogs, Twitter streams and for ensuring that your blogs are being re-directed via the correct online channels.
iPhone App No.4- iBlogger
Although a bit pricey, iBlogger is a must-have app for bloggers. Backed with brilliant features, this app allows you to add links to posts and integrate posts with Google Maps and other location based services such as iPhone's GPS.
iPhone App No.5-WriteRoom
The sole purpose of WriteRoom designed by iPhone Apps Development Company is to render you a distraction free writing environment. You can write blogs without getting distracted due to any fancy menus, formatting features and alike. And, that's not all, the full-screen writing feature makes blogging a fun experience.
iPhone App No.6- ConvertItLive
At some or the other point in your blogging career, you'll definitely be prompted to write a blog live. Well, ConvertItLive is an iPhone app that allows you to launch and run live events, publish photos, publish live commentary, audio, video and a lot more related to blogging.
Wrapping Up
Now that you're familiar with 6 of the best iPhone apps for bloggers, hope you'd have chosen one for your next blogging venture. Choosing the right iPhone app will help you make you the most of your iPhone and you'll definitely be able to grow your prospects of being a successful blogger.

Have you used any of the iPhone apps mentioned above? If yes, do share your experiences with our readers. You can use the comments box below for penning down your thoughts and experiences. 

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