Wednesday, 4 June 2014

3 Android App Development Factors Every Technophobe Must Be Aware Of

Today almost every individual knows about the power of Android mobile operating system. As a matter of fact, it has become the most coveted OS powering hundreds to millions of mobile devices worldwide. Moreover, inclusion of applications makes Android powered devices even more popular. The Android apps are used by people across the world, as it renders more personalized and engaging computing experience. So, if you are a business owner ruminating about developing your own application, but fear building one because of lack of technical knowledge and skills below are 3 key factors you must be familiar with.
Determine Your App Needs
Before beginning the development process it's important to understand the type of application you wish to built. Who will be your target customers? In addition, try to make out – how it will look when accessed via different devices?
Simply put, it's good to create a sketch of the app you are yearning to develop. Making a prototype is a great way that let you add newfangled and creative ideas to your product as you proceed. However, make sure not to get sidetracked from your original concept of building an app.
Who's Building It?
If you have a great design idea but can't code your way to develop one, you should opt for Mobile Apps Development Services. There are a plethora of choices that you'll come across when deciding to take up such services, that is, you can either choose a freelancer or a development company.

Freelancer: Employing freelancers is the least-expensive option to get your product built. However, when hiring one you'll be in charge of the project. Put simply, you will be the project manager and your associates will blame you directly if the project gets haywire, rather than criticizing the freelancer. In order to ensure the authenticity of your project and to get assured of choosing the right freelancer make certain to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Elance, Guru etc are few sites and the best place to initiate your search for credible freelancers.
Development Company: Another option is to employ Android App Development Company. The best part is that here the company will be in charge of the entire project. And your job will be limited to defining their roles and reviewing the progress of the development venture. Thus, going for this option will be a huge time saver – unfettering you to look after other essential business aspects.
Along with creating a prototype as discussed earlier, make sure to construct a specification documents outlining the purpose of building the applications and who will be the target audience. Getting your facts right will help your service partner deploy desired results.
Test and Promote It!
The last and the most crucial factor requires testing a bug-free app and promoting it. Now, you can't risk your application getting crashed at the time of its launch. So, make sure that the individual or the Mobile Development Company you have hired test the developed product to ensure an error-free one. Lastly, with dozens of apps out there in the Google Play store, promoting Android applications can get you an edge in the wobbly app market flooded with several other apps.

To conclude, following the aforementioned factors will even help technophobes build a great Android app to promote their business among greater number of mobile users. 

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