Tuesday, 8 July 2014

5 Best Utility Apps That Can Boost Your iPhone Performance

Apple products and iPhone app development services are admired by people across the world. It offers advance and innovative applications to its users and delivers great performance that has helped build a formidable fan following.

The first thing that you will probably do after buying a new iPhone is-downloading applications. There is a truckload of iPhone applications; from education to entertainment, health and fitness to lifestyles, traveling to utilities, it includes ample number of applications. These apps offer great convenience and luxury in our day-to-day activities.

We generally are interested in downloading entertainment or other functional apps, and forget about utility apps. The utility applications are built to help boost your iPhone's performance. Whether it's your iPhones' battery life, texting or e-mail performance or any other thing, it will surely enhance the performance. You can download these apps from Apple store and experience the difference. Let's have a look on some top utility applications for iPhone.

#1. Google Search

Install this app introduced by a reputable iPhone App Development Company and get easy access to Google search, one on the leading search engines. You can conveniently search almost anything and it will display the most appropriate result, based on the entered keywords. It will also keep you updated with traffic alerts, scores of your favorite soccer team and offers many more features. This app is available for free at iTunes Apple app store.

#2. Find My iPhone

Now, there is no need to feel jittery, if your iPhone or any iOS device is misplaced. With Find My iPhone app you can easily locate your iPhone on map. Not only this, but it also offers various features like:

  • It will play your device on loud for around 2 seconds (even if it's on silent mode).
  • A custom message will be displayed on the screen.
  • It will secure your personal data, by remotely erasing all the content and settings of your iPhone.
  • It will lock your device remotely with a password.
  • It also displays battery charge indicator.
  • This is very useful application and available for free at iTunes Apple app store.

#3. Skins Pro Creator for Minecraft

Create a desirable skin with ease by using this application. This popular app offers you a user-friendly interface for easily creating, modifying and sharing  skins with others by using some premium tools that are unseen on other skin creator apps. It is a paid app, available in a worthy price at iTunes Apple app store.

#4. CloudDownload - Music Player & Downloader for SoundCloud

Being a music lover, either you can get such customized app from skilled iPhone Application Developers then you will definitely like this app. Enjoy your SoundCloud music with easy access, by using this application. It allows you to listen your tracks-anytime & anywhere. It comes complete with various features including, easy-to-manage play-list, music video player and more. This application is available for free at iTunes Apple app store.

#5. Battery Life Magic Pro

Most of the time, we left some unnecessary processes running in the background and some heavy applications eat our phone's battery very quickly. If you are looking for a way to improve your iPhones battery performance, then this app is great for you. It offers tips and tricks to help optimize your iPhone's battery life and minimize battery drain. This app is available at iTunes Apple app store and costs a worthy amount.

Experience a great world with the amazing utility iPhone apps. Download some of above mentioned apps and enhance your device's performance.

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