Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Worthy Facts That Add To Mobile App Development

There are a huge variety of mobile phones existing in the market, numerous brands are working to deliver advanced technology to the end users. Almost each one of us (though not all) has a mobile phone and more than half of the total mobile phone users prefer using Smartphones.

Today, mobile applications have made their position among the superior market segments for the IT developers. There are other factors as well but, applications are consistently contributing in making a Smartphone to literally work smartly. And this is why, nowadays most of the mobile companies are strongly concentrating to cater the consumer's need via developing effective mobile applications.

There is no dearth of mobile apps in the market but, still with the flourishing technology, their demand is rapidly expanding. They offers utile features that help accomplish our routine task (whether a simple or a complex one) with ease.

Creating a mobile app will not only help you reach a wider audience base, but will also allow you to facilitate your end users with amazing and interesting fun apps.

Since, stats and analytics speak louder than anything else, here are some of the facts that prove that mobile application is a perfect medium to pave the path towards ultimate business success.

  • More than 50% of the US adults (of the age 16 years or above) have invested in at least one Smartphone. From technological perspective, US is the second largest market after China.

  • As far as the Internet traffic is considered, it has been observed that there are 1.2 billion of Smartphone users who browse the Internet via their handy devices. That is the 15% of the entire Internet users across the globe uses their mobile devices, as, these devices allow users to conveniently access Internet on the go.

  • Mobile features like mobile applications, functions to support e-commerce or m-commerce, navigation ease, etc. are counted as the major factors that are powerful enough to affect the perspective of more than 60% of the total world population towards a mobile brand.

  • Around half of the e-commerce customers, use their Smartphones for making purchases while visiting a brick-and-mortar store and 60% of them shop while staying at the stores and supermarkets.

  • Smartphone users spend double time on online shopping than the other desktop users.

  • Around 95% of the users use their Smartphones in making any search for information related to brands or other data.

  • Mobile web is quite crucial and thus, is accentuating dramatically to deliver superior performance to the customers. As, it has been depicted that for every 100 milliseconds to wait for loading a web page (over a mobile device like Smartphone, iPad, tablet, etc.) the sales decreases by one percent. They are considering this issue seriously and trying to remedy its cause with effective measures.

  • More than a quarter of the total search queries are implemented by mobile search engines.

  • The majority of the (85%) users use their mobile phones for browsing emails and more than 15% uses their Tablets for the same.

Final Thought:

The above mentioned facts and stats are sufficient enough to prove that mobile development has dramatically improved and plays a major role for most of the end users. You can also reap its benefits and boost your business value by developing an appropriate mobile application.

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