Friday, 29 May 2015

Android Studio vs Eclipse: Which One Should You Choose?

Android captures over 76.6% of the Smartphone market share. And so, it's pretty obvious that creating an Android app can help make your brand reach out to a wider base of your target users. However, with millions of applications available in the app store, it becomes horrendously challenging to get your app noticed by users. Fortunately, there are great tools out there that provides ease to businesses in developing applications, such as Android Studio, Eclipse and several others.

Many developers using Android Studio also make use of Eclipse when they need to work on outsource Android App Development projects and so on. But, if you need to create an app and require using more than 3 projects, then you will have to clean up your workspace and restart the Eclipse at frequent intervals (i.e. 2 or 3 minutes). Besides, you are required to close all your active applications, before releasing an app, as Eclipse crash quite often. Thankfully, Android Studio (or AS) proves a useful resource for developers seeking to have a more stable development platform than the Eclipse IDE.

Nowadays every mobile application development company are using Android Studio as it helps in accelerating the Android app development process, and make it more simplified. Through this article, we'll be discussing three main factors where Android Studio proves a better option than Eclipse:

1. Integration With Gradle: Is it Good or Bad?

One of the best things about Android Studio is that it comes integrated with the popular Gradle build system. Eclipse, on the other hand, utilizes Apache Ant build system based on XML that many Java developers are aware of. But, in case you have plans on opting for Eclipse, it is recommended that you should have a glimpse of Gradle's features and see whether it suits your project needs.

2. Which One Scores Better as an User Interface (UI)?

The rate at which people hire Android app developer is increasing, and so, when using any platform for the development process it makes sense to choose one with a better UI. No doubt, Eclipse user interface let you work with almost anything. In fact, it allows you to work with several things like graphics, content, videos and much more. However, so many things can be overwhelming and leads to confusion, especially when you're using the Eclipse IDE for the first time. In contrast, working with Android Studio is a bit easier. It lets you work with its tools and menu items in an effortless way compared to Eclipse.

3. Which Performs Better Code Completion?

As a developer, often you may have to work on projects that requires writing lots of code. This is where the code completion features come in handy, as it helps in speeding up the coding process. Both Eclipse, as well as, Android Studio come with code auto completion feature. However, it has been observed that AS helps generate more precise code in comparison to Eclipse.

Wrapping Up!

Android Studio is becoming the most preferred platform used for developing mobile applications than Eclipse. But, if you are still confused which one of these two platforms will prove a better choice, then reading the aforementioned key points will definitely help you come to the right conclusion.

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