Thursday, 1 October 2015

Best Tips To Build A High-Performing Android App

With millions and millions of Android apps already listed on the Google Play Store, finding a niche for your Android app is definitely a challenging job. Well, it takes a lot of time and efforts to build an Android app that performs outstandingly on all renowned app stores. If you're serious about Android app development and want to build one that's able to gather applauds from users across the globe, this is a post which will tel you all. Here, you'll find some high-end, easy-to-follow tips on creating an excellent Android app that is par excellence.
  1. Know the Android market inside out
Before your kickstart with the implementation of your cool Android app idea, it is beneficial to study the Android app market. You must study the app development approaches followed by renowned Android application development companies. Plus, you also need to know the techniques for executing complete monetization of your app in addition to the things that matter to you when it comes to choosing between instant profit and a larger user base. Be sure on whether you want to release freemium gaming apps or the usual messaging apps.
  1. Get on with designing flexible layouts
Since Android is running on a wide majority of screens, it is advised to design flexible layouts that can easily stretch so as to fit the app content to the screen of the device that's being used for viewing the app. You must use “wrap_content” and “fill_parent” inside the layout XML under situations wherein you want your app's content to adapt to the screen size in an automatic format.

  1. Restrict the app screen count to 2 or 5
The key to create a successful Android app is to keep things as simple as possible. Talking in a straightforward way, you must make it a point to keep the app screen count to 2 or 5. Doing this would not only make your app load faster but would even encourage the users to explore the complete app within minimum amount of time. Prior to working on your app design project, get on with finding an accurate answer to the question “What purpose would my app actually solve?”
  1. Offline experiences shouldn't be ignored
Apps that receive maximum love from users are the ones which render an awesome user experience even in the offline mode. Therefore, as an app creator, you must give a thought to the question as to how your app would be performing in the offline mode. You should eliminate any bugs/errors that might interfere with your app's offline performance.
  1. Localization of the Android app is a must
An app that's readily available in the regional languages has greater chances of getting accepted by a global audience. By localizing your app's user interface, it becomes easier for you to 'woo' an international audience instantly. Hence, make sure to specify a configuration language along with a region qualifier that would automatically switch your app to the device's locale language.


Hope my simple Android app creation tips would add charm to your app development ventures and enable you to come up with a truly stunning Android app that creates new records at the Google Play Store.

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