Monday, 23 December 2013

How a smart iPhone Mobile Application can assist you getting in shape?

How many times you have taken resolution for controlling or reducing your weight? You might have done this every year to acquire a fitness goal, but you might have found it a bit unsuccessful. This is because; it is not so easy to follow a schedule and achieve a goal. In order to help you, here we have listed a few iPhone applications that have been proven to help in losing weight and getting in shape.

All such iPhone apps will offer you a wide range of leverages starting from fitness tutorial to managing a diet. You will discover many more perks from this app that can be deemed as a perk by iPhone Mobile Application Development services for weight conscious individuals such as tracking your weight and fitness goals and the best part among all is that most of them are free.

Diet Assistant:

Those who always lacked behind to attain their target for weight loss because of absence of a little help, this is the best solution. Diet Assistant will offer you an extra bit of aid which can bring you a lots of differences. You might have already heard of the celebrities having personal chefs and professionals trainers for keeping them on the track. Diet Assistant will allow you to get some more. You can get personalized and healthy diet plans, whether you are vegetarian or not. So, get this application on your iPhone to explore nutritional facts, weight loss tracker, diet tips and much more.


This application works perfectly smoother with your iPhone’s GPS technology for real time pace, distance and also for speed tracking. It also integrates Twitter in order to allow user to advertise their fitness regime. In order to get started, you have to setup an account and thereafter you can save your bike rides, walks and runs directly to a training log along with using maps. Its additional features include an ability to sync with a website and using voice feedback in order to coach.

iPump Free Workout:

This application is introduced by a talented iOS App Developer, namely; Declan Condron. This app is a free alternative to iPump and will offer you two full body workouts targeting a major muscle groups along with sample exercises. Each workout introduced in it us designed exclusively for maximum number of results that will help user to attain maximum number of results. While working out a user can also enjoy video, music and can record activity as well.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker:

This is one of the best apps which are also easy to use and it will aid a user to stay far away from weight-gain sources. The app is having customizable database with details f over 1.5 millions of foods, nutritional facts and quick data entry of foods. It also has customizable list carrying over 350 types of exercises, traceable calories and also social media sharing.


This is one of the most powerful iPhone applications that will allow you to craft the workouts in order to see and track the heart rate, calories burned, time in target zone, speed, cadence, power and distance. iSpinning is highly compatible with a huge variety of fitness sensors which will let you customize your dashboard metrics with each ride. An additional hardware is also required akin to SMHEART LINK in order to create a wireless bridge between fitness sensor and iPhone.

Thus, you are no more far to your goal of getting in shape. All such apps will aid you in keeping in track with your plan and routine required to reduce weight.


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