Monday, 16 December 2013

Make accounting less complicated and acquire high business productivity

The ground of the business growth involves a plethora of elements and accounting is one of them. Invoices, taxes and accounts are a few things that you cannot ignore even if you are running a small scale business. Eventually, accounting will consume a lot of time which can affect the business growth as well. Thus, to save your precious time and to elevate the productivity level, you can get the mobile apps which can bring you outstanding performance.

However, the accountant professionals might think that accessing mobile for managing data is not a good idea for entrepreneurs but the ability to check the cash details, payables and receivables can be easily done with the aid of mobile apps. There are many apps that can help in accounting for the small business and these will also aid the firm in saving a lot of money against manual accounting.

The company has released own app namely FreshBooks that is highly compatible with the iOS devices. The user is allowed to perform all the tasks such as sending invoice, creating estimates, entering payment details, tracking time of projects and classifying expenses as well.
The software also includes a few graphics that are placed within the interactive pictures that highlights the attention and also the experience of dealings associated with finance and accounts. You can simply get this app from iTunes App store and from Google Play as well.


This app is exclusively designed for the accounting only. It offers a web based system that will manage all the finances whether it is for small scale or large scale business. It also includes purchasing, expense reports and inventory records along with the project management features. The cost of this app is also customizable that means it takes account for each usage and all other modules that your business needs in order to evaluate the price.

Less Accounting:
This is a web based app and also an iPhone app that has been integrated with PayPal. This app has the ability to get connected with the credit card accounts and online banking. You can avail this app as well as similar app by getting in touch with a leading iPhone App Development Company.

Xero Touch:
This is a mobile version of software namely; Xero which is web based accounting software. This was launched in August 2012. However, the company keeps on updating the app and now they have upgraded in a version which is also compatible with Android device. All the versions of this app support excellent features including uploading pictures of recipients so as to support expense claims. 

Both versions of this application support innovative features like capturing and uploading pictures of receipts to support expense claims, mobile bank reconciliation and real-time as well which is supported by a direct interface that will eventually import all the data directly from financial institutions of U.S.

QuickBooks Online:

This Web-based application by Intuit is easy-to-use for Mac and PC users and comes in a variety of packages that range from $13 to $63 per month. Additionally, QuickBooks Mobile, which is absolutely free and can be used for iPhone and Android, has an option for automatic syncing to QuickBooks online account which can help in drawing invoices. These applications are easy to use, but one can get in touch with various iPhone Developers to acquire assistance, if required.

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