Friday, 10 October 2014

5 Reasons Your Decision To Downgrade From iOS8 to iOS7 Is Correct

Even though iOS8 has been introduced with some revolutionary features, there are Apple product consumers who're thinking about downgrading to iOS7. Well, a number of reasons support this decision of the iPhone/iPad/iTouch users. Through this blog, I'll be talking about the basic flaws in iOS8 that have encouraged iOS users to downgrade from the recently released iOS8 version to the old and outdated iOS7.

So, let's cover the major issues in iOS8

1. A critical bug in the HealthKit framework
Companies that are involved in offering mobile app development services have been extremely bothered about developing health-care iPhone and iPad apps. These app developers have been tremendously disappointed by the all-new iOS8. The reason for this being the existence of a critical bug in the HealthKit framework that's been the key factor behind the break down of all HealthKit compatible iPhone and iPad applications. A huge majority of HealthKit app developers have actually been forced to take down their apps from numerous app stores.

2. A new breed of bug causing issues with organization of photos under the Moments section of the device
iOS8 is equipped with a new breed of bug wherein critical issues have been detected with the organization of photos under Moments. This bug has resulted into undue compatibility issues with apps including Carousel and Dropbox. iOS8 users are finding it hard to properly upload their photos and videos to different online storage servers.

3. Constant complaints about the broken feature of photo and video uploading
In iOS8, the photo and video file uploading feature is apparently broken. That means, users have been facing issues in uploading files and folders using the Safari web browser. If you're looking ahead to choose iOS app developers for hire then ensure that the one you've shortlisted for meeting your app development needs is fully competent in designing apps both for iOS7 and iOS8.

4. Inaccurate functioning of the iOS8 Spotlight preferences or settings
Currently, the Spotlight preferences or settings aren't working accurately. In other words, users aren't able to activate the Spotlight suggestions and Bing web results using Settings-> General-> Spotlight Search. This is mainly because the Spotlight Search option is detected as inactive or disabled.

5. Blue Screen of Death
The very popular Blue Screen of Death(BSOD) bug has now entered into Apple's iOS8 firmware. Users have been frequently experiencing random OS crashes along with blue screens popping out of nowhere. Primarily prominent on iPads, the Blue Screen of Death issue has been causing a lot of frustration to users who've the latest iOS8 installed in their device. A possible solution to get rid of the Blue Screen of Death bug is to downgrade to the iOS7 version.

With all those bugs existing in iOS8, it's a wise decision to downgrade to iOS7. I'm sure if you too are currently running your device on iOS8 then you'll probably find it beneficial to switch to the older version of iOS7. So, what's refraining you from choosing this downgrade process. Simply go ahead with it and witness a noticeable improvement in your overall iOS experience.

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