Thursday, 27 November 2014

iOS 8 - A lot more than a mere Apple operating system version

Apple has always been making continuous efforts to fulfill the customized requirements of its end users. Whether it's about enlarging the size of its iPhones or installing a sapphire screen; Apple has always received several applauds for its seamless efforts. The innovative versions of iOS have introduced a lot of flexibility into the entire iOS app development arena. Witnessed as a major shift in the way iOS apps function, iOS8 has been introduced with out-of-the-box features that are surely going to impress the many families of Apple consumers residing in different corners of the world. Through this blog, I'll be offering you an insight into some of the noticeable iOS8 features that will definitely imbibe a new zeal into worldwide Apple fans.

Touch ID - A brand new security feature available in iOS8 powered iPhones/iPads
Quite similar to the iPhone 5s's fingerprint scanner feature, Apple's iOS8 is equipped with the Touch ID feature that allows the third-party apps to be installed into your device without resulting into a security breach. As an attempt to boost corporate data access on a granular level, Apple has introduced the Touch ID feature which works as the best tool for building access cards, medical sensors etc., thereby helping in leveraging maximum benefit from Apple's hardware-secured biometric system.

Handoff - A brilliant tool for collaborating Apple Watch apps and iPhone apps

Handoff serves as a remarkable technology just like various iPhone App Development Companies does. This technology aids Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct for allowing a Mac user to enjoy a multitude of benefits that are missing in the traditional iPads and iPhones. With Handoff, you can turn your attention from the device to the actual workflow. Regarded as one of the finest means of connecting different apps across iOS devices and Mac; Handoff is likely to be introduced in many other iOS and OSX enabled devices.

Siri - Apple's voice-based assistant
Serving as a key interface to not just iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches but even to a lot of devices that use HealthKit and HomeKit; Siri has emerged as Apple's prime voice-based assistant. In the current liquid computing environment of Apple, having a feature like Siri definitely turns to be major power booster for your device. Offering the convenience of interacting with more objects, Siri has become a fundamental aspect of Apple's strategy to grow its customerbase on a global scale.

Extensions- Playing a pivotal role in changing the nature of an iOS application

Apple's iOS8 is loaded with plugins and extensions that serve as systemwide resources for use by the iOS applications. Serving as effective alternative keyboards and tools for integrating social media into the iOS's Share sheet; these extensions are being thoroughly explored by opting to Hire iPhone App Developer from India, both the amateurs as well as professionals. The iOS8 extensions has been the backbone of major changes that have taken place in the iOS app functioning arena.  

So that's it for now. Hope the details mentioned above would have helped you learn a lot about the exclusive nature of iOS8 and it's built-in features that make it stand out amongst the already existing iOS versions.

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