Thursday, 16 July 2015

An Insight Into The Sophisticated Wearable Devices

With the rapidly innovating technology, wearable technology is gaining a great momentum. Today, wearable tech devices are admired across the globe for their absolute features and remarkable performance. These advanced devices deliver smart results, including a clock reading to generating alerts or notifications.

Like smartphone applications, applications are the cornerstone of these wearable tech devices. They are also powered by certain platforms like iOS, Android, etc. There are various companies that are generating a hefty revenue by developing powerful gadgets to support the latest technology. In fact, businesses are also considering their benefits seriously and developing wearable applications.

If you also want to ensure a sustainable success of your business application, it would be worth to create one targeting wearables. For an Android app, you can seek an efficient Android app development firm and get a suitable application developed at an affordable price. There are several experienced and adroit professionals available out there. Thus, searching a resourceful service provider won't be an arduous task.

It is imperative to note that, although there are numerous wearables available in the market, most of them are either faulty or are not worth their price. For the folks who want to develop a wearable application to boost their business values, here are some of the best wearable devices for your consideration.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch has gained a great speculation ever since Apple has unveiled it back in 2014 alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Today, this advanced device is available in various countries, including America, United Kingdoms, to name a few. This device is compatible with iPhone and thus, fundamentally, an Apple Watch is an iPhone on your wrist.

  • Works with iPhone 5 and its higher iterations
  • Supports various useful applications like mail, messages, etc.
  • Available in a range of assorted, trendy bands
  • You can make calls or answer call straight from your wrist
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Designed keeping the Health care apps in mind
  • Quite expensive
  • The iPhone is required to be kept adjacent to the Apple Watch to ensure a flawless performance
  • You can add new contacts via your Apple Watch
  • Doesn't support GPS
Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge is an ultimate smart watch that is jam-packed with a slew of useful features. Its impressive appearance and superior functions are admired by many people. Equipped with high-end capabilities, this wearable offers an amazing control and is easily accessible straight from the wrist.

  • Its band is available in a mixture of hues that add to its captivating look and feel
  • Capable of tracking stairs, calories burned, steps, heart rate, and rest
  • Can be connected to a mobile phone, to support the caller ID functionality
  • Supports multiple mobile platforms, including Windows Phone, iOS and Android; you can search an Android app developer for hire to develop a compatible Android application.
  • Easy to use and intuitive LCD screen
  • Built-in GPS chipset
  • Its band is clunkier than its previous models
  • Not a cost effective gadget
  • Not associated with social networking
  • Battery life is not optimized – can last up to five hours only if multiple applications are running.
Samsung Gear VR

The latest Samsung Gear VR baits mobile devices. It is a Google-like headset that enables one to enjoy music, movies, recreations, amazing landscape, etc., anytime and anywhere. It works smoothly with the Samsung Note 4. However, you may choose its Innovator Edition that works proficiently with the Galaxy S6.


  • Although the price range varies with its various models, it's available at a reasonable amount
  • Compatible applications are also available for free
  • Comes complete with a zippered conveying case and a 16 GB memory card
  • Delivers brilliant performance in a virtual world


  • Work smoothly only with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 devices
  • Performance of apps is constrained due to the certain enticing features
  • Inconvenient to use
  • Its visual appearance is not appealing

This article has only uncovered three wearable devices, however, there is a wearable galore. I hope this will help you understand how wearable technology is flourishing and how it can be used to reach end user in a fabulous fashion.

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