Friday, 7 August 2015

Most Common Android App Development Glitches – Steer Clear Of Them

The demand for Android application development is incessantly increasing with the increasing number of Android users. Today, over 80 percent of the total mobile market shares are under Android, this clearly represents how powerful the Android market is. 

In this mobile age, businesses are rapidly embracing mobile solutions and Android being a powerful platform out there, that possess a massive user base, makes a much sought after choice. This has certainly accentuated the need of a prolific Android app development firm that can offer result-driven services at competitive prices. Fortunately, there are many brilliant minds who are making a decent living from this business, you can surely get a seasoned professional for your project. 

Many developers believe take Android development casually and end up committing common disasters while developing an application. In this article, I have unleashed some of the common mistakes that most Android developers usually encounter, at least once in their career. Let's have a glance into them. 

  • App is not compatible with various screen resolutions – The proliferation of mobile in the case of popular Android platform can't be gainsaid. There is a range of Android devices featuring myriads of screen resolutions, orientation, etc., as Android is supported by various vendors. Thus, developers are required to work with a great precision to ensure a surefire performance of their product in all possible devices. 

This can be easily accomplished by using the tools available in the Android SDK. You may also choose to develop layouts that don't depend upon the screen resolutions. The resourceful Android emulator can also help you ensure a smooth and consistent performance of the application. 

  • Taking the Android Guidelines lightly – The credit of the invaluable popularity that Android has garnered in the recent years clearly goes to the painstaking efforts of Google. Google has precisely curated an expansive document covering the imperative fundamentals of ideal design, development, and application marketing. These golden rules mentioned by the tech giant Google will help one to create an application that can completely integrate with the mobile platform. Furthermore, it is also true that it won't be easy for the applications (not abiding these guidelines) to get a good rank in Google Play store. 

  • Not implementing Fragments – Businesses hire Android app developer to make it certain that their time and money won't get wasted in creating a poor application. Fragments allow one to optimize an app performance to make it run proficiently on various screens. This is not it. It can also be managed via the parent activity with a breeze. Thus, to ensure a remarkable product, developers must use fragments. 

  • When intents are not considered – Intents form a crucial part of the Android. They facilitate a smooth and swift flow of data between various system's applications and between the different parts of an application. Therefore, they can help you save your valuable time, while allowing you to easily correlate almost everything on the system. 

  • When the main thread is blocked – The main thread is responsible for making a UI of an application responsive. If you are not able to give appropriate feedbacks to your users, this can ruin the user experience. Since, it can annoy your users, it is not good for the success of an application.

These are a few of the common mistakes that most of Android developers commit. These can be easily avoided, however, you need to be aware of them. You can find a complete guide on the Internet embracing all such simple mistakes that must be ignored. If you want to establish a shining career in Android development, it is advisable to respect the platform guidelines and steer clear of common mistakes.


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