Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Why You Must Develop a Mobile App For Your Business?

Today, most of the businesses have a common question in mind that is: whether they need to build a mobile app or to have a responsive site will be enough. Well, people who don't do much find responsive websites sufficient as they look good irrespective of the device used to access such sites. But, having an app is equally important to keep pace with the prevailing competition. 

Listed below are some of the biggest reasons that will help you understand the significance of having a mobile app in spite of having a responsive website: 

1. Optimal User Experience
Rendering an enhanced UX (User Experience) is crucial for keeping your customers engaged with your business. And, a mobile app can help in accomplishing such a need with efficiency. But make sure to design a great app UI, as it plays a vital role in augmenting the user experience. If you lack design or coding skills, it is better to hire iPhone app developer or any other app developer depending on your project needs. 

Let's suppose your clients search for some product on Google. They will be provided with dozens of search results. This lessens the chances of your business getting noticed by the target audience. In the worst case scenario, your customers might even get attracted towards product offerings of your competitors. But, in case they have your app installed on their phone, they're more likely to search for their favorite (or needed) products using your app. 

2. Increases Customer Base
Every business needs to grow with time to attain a competitive edge. In order to ensure your business growth, you must focus on achieving high return despite making less investment. Or else, earn higher returns by making a significant investment. The best way that ensures the higher return is increased customer base. Of course, the more users you will have interested in your product or services, the higher are the chances of improving sales. 

But merely responsive website won't be enough to expand your client base. That's because, “82 percent of users spend their media time on apps.” And so, you will likely lose potential customers using a mobile application to view your website and its offerings, rather than accessing the responsive site. 

3. Cost-effectiveness
Mobile app helps cut down the cost that you need to invest on sending email notifications or any marketing purpose. Wondering how? Well, since an app enables you to send push notifications to customers to inform about their latest offers, your marketing cost for creating email marketing to send your offers is significantly reduced. Moreover, since a user can open an app even without Internet connection unlike a mobile site that requires an established network connection, your customers will most likely be able to utilize your limited period offer. 

Also, a user is less likely to access a mail over viewing push notifications added right on the top of your app's screen. 

4. Conveys Your Message Quickly
Unlike a mobile site, your app directly displays your business message to clients. Your app users don't need to move from one page to another to obtain more details about your product or service offerings. Instead, it presents users with the most important piece of information immediately. This heightens your chances of keeping your customers explore more about your business brand and what it offers. 

5. Helps Add Value to Your Brand 
In the present digital worlds, having an app has become needful for increasing your brand value. In fact, many niche brands are making use of mobile apps in place of advertisements to boost brand value. With a mobile app, you get to send quality and most relevant content about your latest offers and happenings via push notifications. 

However, keep in mind one thing. An app won't help you in becoming a recognized brand right in the beginning, but it will indeed prove helpful in enhancing your brand value in the long run. 

Irrespective of whether you're running a local business or a large-size enterprise, having a mobile app is important for promoting the growth of your business. But to achieve success via your app in creating your brand value, it is imperative to develop a one-of-its-kind app model.


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