Friday, 29 April 2016

Android Marshmallow Or iOS – Which One Is Worthy To Use

It has now come into the notice that Android Marshmallow has now been tied-up by iOS 9 and is being officially announced to the public worldwide. It is seen that initially iOS 9 might appear to devices in its initial release. It is quite obvious to know that the Android roll-out will surely be more protracted than an overnight push of iOS. But, the point here now is how exactly will they differ from each other? 

It is quite obvious to know that every developers posses hands-on experience with a motive to develop and deliver highly customized as well as commercial grade Android applications to its users. Hiring a highly qualified Android app developer for your business purposes will definitely offer you with huge experience in terms of industry exposure, expertise, scopes, creativity and an assurance to impress your audience. Work with Android application developers to incur the high scope of industry experience, expertise and a chance to enthral the end user of the application. 

Lets find out more on this topic:

  • Biometrics and Mobile Payments

It is seen that now Android M Google Wallet has been marked as Android Pay that comes with a clear swipe at Apple Pay. Since, both the payment platforms appears to be extremely indistinguishable, the interesting thing about Android M is that it now fully supports fingerprint scanner process supported that is fully supported by every Android devices. This clearly specifies that these devices will be highly compatible while you are working with the Android Pay in by- default mode. Talking in terms of iOS 9’s panel, it simply allows Touch ID to efficiently guess all the fingerprints at much faster level than ever. The new developed Apple Wallet app now seems to be fairly supporting loyalty cards.
  • Cloud services

When discussion comes about cloud storage and related discussion topics are included with automatic backups, it is seen that Apple industry is lagging behind. Working with Microsoft’s OneDrive as well as Google Drive, allow users to access 15GB space for free and smoothly offers them to work with cross-platform support. Users can easily get the facility of accessing 5GB space with iCloud, and can effectively work with Windows, Mac, as well as iOS devices. Google Drive is surely the cheapest one, available at $2 per month for 100GB, if you are really wishing to access lots of additional space. But, on the other hand, Apple and Microsoft have dropped their prices to make it available for users that matches their standard of purchasing rates. It is extremely perfect to say that subscribing to Office 365 Personal, can get you to access 1TB of storage space with 60 minutes of Skype calls per month that is free of cost, by allowing users to access all the latest Office applications, just for $7 per month or for $70 for a year.
  • Connectivity

It is already discovered that mobile platforms effectively supports both Blue-tooth as well as Wi-Fi services. As we know that both Android and Windows Mobile devices got its easy way with NFC that is commonly known as Near Field Communication system for an easy working features that needs to be accessed with wireless transfers as well as mobile payments. On the other hand, it is seen that Apple included NFC in its iPhone 6 as well iPhone 6 Plus devices. It launched Apple Pay apps by tying themselves with few brand companies and those companies can easily cover-up few mobile gaps too quickly by offering profit to its customers in variety of ways. Android now has included the new features Android Pay as well. NFC process on the other side, can also be used for quick file transferring process, features such as tapping phones at a time to easily share contacts as well as Web pages and tapping on specific supported speakers to stream music are well accessible for users. 

Final Thought 

Rigid users will always try to stick to the point, where you will experience that they are trying to prove Android Marshmallow, an exceptionally a better choice for users than the iOS 9.0 version and vice versa you can say. I must say that Android origin will simply enjoy a wide variety of functionalities with high simplicity of the device that it offers to its users. But, I think both of them have surely added extremely advanced level features to their respective devices in our daily lives. It can be said that working with Apple iOS 9.0 is better for few folks who likes to access things that are simple, faultless, and smooth to go ahead with. And on the other hand, The Google Android is better for those people who want to break the limits of accessing application features in extraordinary ways, to be able to customize their every little chunk of their phone, and have the flexibility to use their phones to the maximum potential.


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